Thursday, November 21, 2013

RIP Marta Garcia

Marta Garcia dies, a pioneer figure in 'Weather' on TVE
Marta Garcia, host of 'Time' on TVE for 15 years and voice dubber 'The Big Bang Theory', died Thursday November 21.
The presenter and voice actress Marta Garcia, who gave, on Spanish TV, weather reports for 15 years died Thursday, as announced on Monica Lopez’s Twitter, who’s responsible for this area of public television.
"For the team at ‘Time’ TVE today is a painful day. Monica Garcia has left us. We’ll miss her sweet smile, " tweeted Monica Lopez in her profile.
Marta García joined the Spanish TV weather information in 1989 and shared the work of reporting with other historical figures as Ana Roque, Paco Montesdeoca and Jose Antonio Maldonado .
But Marta Garcia's career did not just include talking about isobars and storms. Perhaps more important was her work as a voice actress, an occupation that came from her father, the renowned broadcaster Antolin Garcia, who put Spanish voices to Cary Grant, Alain Delon, and Peter O'Toole .
Marta Garcia was the Spanish voice of Amy Farrah Fowler in the series The Big Bang Theory, but also participated in the dubbing of series such as Falcon Crest, Alf and CSI New York.
Her studies led her to a journalism professional and she debuted as Top 40 and Radio 80 Gold Series, where she reported the news .
She went on to Spanish TV, where her later works were linked to the corporate voice and La 2 Clan TV.
Born: 196?, Spain
Died: 11/21/2013, Spain
Marta Garcia’s westerns – voice actress:
Rose Marie – 1936 [Spanish voice of minister’s daughter, 1986 TV broadcast]
Kid Blue – 1986 [Spanish voice of Lee Purcell]
One Man’s Hero – 1998 [Spanish voice of Mexican girl]
Bandidas - 2004 [Spanish voice of Audra Blaser]

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