Saturday, December 14, 2013

RIP Zafer Önen

Zafer Önen an Actor Featured in Victory has died
A star of Turkish cinema who appeared in cinemas, theaters in a range of characters died as a result of heart failure. Featured in Victory, Önen died at the age of 92 after a six month stay in a rehabilitation center in Pendik
Featured in the film Victory, Zafer was born in 1921 in Çorum. Onen, in 1941, entered the Music Department of the Ankara State Opera. In 1943, at the Theatre of Sound "Air Mercury" operetta where he began acting career with Muammer Karaca, at the Istanbul City Theatre. At the Theatre he starred in many plays performed in theaters such as "Lüküs Life", " Şöminedeki Ceset", “Cibali Karakolu". He went on to appear in many movies, TV series and advertising commericals.

ONEN, Zafer
Born: 1921, Çorum, Turkey
Died: 12/13/2013, Istanbul, Turkey
Zafer Önen's western - actor:
Kovboy Ali - 1966

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