Monday, December 30, 2013

RIP Eugenia Avendaño

One of the great figures of dubbing died yesterday.
This is the actress Eugenia Avendaño, who was the voice of Betty Rubble on The Flintstones.
Eugenia Avendaño was born in Mexico on October 4, 1930, he worked in film, theater, and television dubbing. She was married to actor Claudio Brook, with whom he had to Simone Brook, actress and singer who has emerged as a figure of musical theater in Mexico.
Among the outstanding works of actress Eugenia Avendaño are Bubú voice in "Yogi Bear", the Aunt Polly "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer"; Lucero Sonic from "The Jetsons", Miss Heidi Rotenmeier and grandmother in "Los Locos Adams".
Born: 10/4/1930, Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico
Died: 12/29/2013, Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico
Eugenia Avendaño’s western – actress:
Astucia - 1986

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