Friday, February 7, 2014

RIP Nico Nicolaiewsky

Death of actor and musician Nico Nicolaiewsky
Aged 56, was admitted to Windmills Hospital for treatment of leukemia

The actor, musician, songwriter and humorist Nico Nicolaiewsky died on Friday Febraury 7 at age 56. He suffered from leukemia and was admitted to the Hospital of Windmills, in Porto Alegre. According to the medical record, Nico passed away at 5:30, due to related complications Acute Myeloid Leukemia.
Known, among other works, the interpretation of the conductor in the show Pletskaya Tangos & Tragedies, in which he shared the stage with Hique Gomez, Nico was admitted for treatment in January. The summer season of the show at the Theatro São Pedro in Porto Alegre, was canceled due to the illness of the artist.
Besides ... Tangos, which was created in 1984 and is displayed in summer seasons in St. Peter uninterruptedly since 1987, Nicolaiewsky enjoyed a prolific musical career, which included participation from the legendary Musical Saracura, even in the 1970s, until a comic opera, the Seven Faces of Truth, released in 2002.
The musician lived for 10 years in Rio de Janeiro, where he studied with maestro Hans-Joachim Koellreuter. Beyond The Seven Faces ... recorded two solo albums, Nico Nicolaiewsky (1996 ), with waltzes and lyrical songs, some included in the soundtrack of the movie Amores
(Domingos Oliveira, 1997) and Where Is the Love ? (2007) , produced by John Ulhôa guitarist Pato Fu.
With Musical Saracura, which was responsible for the keyboards and vocals, released a self-titled LP in 1982. The band mixed influences from MPB Tropicalia, Rock Gaucho and regional music - along with composer Mario Barbará, made ​​a series of shows and got to participate in an edition of the California Native Song in Uruguayana.
The Saracura was also formed by Silvio Marques (guitar), Chaminé (bass and vocals) and Gatinha (who was later replaced on drums by Fernando Pezão, and establish partnerships with names like Zé Flávio and Leo Henkin.
Another record left by Nicolaiewsky, besides solo albums and disco with Saracura, is the DVD Tangos & Tragedies in Cathedral Square, released in 2007.
The "Sborniano" show also gave an animated feature film directed by Otto War and first presented at the Festival de Gramado 2013. The film, titled Until Sbornia Us Part, is being converted to 3D and should be released in theaters later in 2014. Will be the first 3D production of Rio Grande do Sul
Nico was married to actress Marcia Canto and leaves a daughter, Nina Nicolaiewsky, born in 1993.

NICOLAIEWSKY, Nico (Nelson Nicolaiewsky)
Born: 6/9/1957, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Died: 2/7/2014, Porto Alegre, Brazil

Nico Nicolaiewsky's western - actor:
Netto e o Domado de Cavalos - 2008 (Catarino)

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