Tuesday, March 18, 2014

RIP Jorge Arvizu

Jorge 'El Tata ' Arvizu, the voice of Fred Flintstone, Agent 86 and Felix the Cat has died.
Mexican actor Jorge Arvizu, who for decades gave voices to cartoon characters like Fred Flintstone, Felix the Cat and Woody Woodpecker in Spanish versions, died today at age 81 due to heart failure.
Local media reported that the actor, known as the Tata, had recently been hospitalized and shown some improvement, but finally passed away this morning.
Arvizu (1932-2014) was considered the man of a thousand voices due to his long career in dubbing from English into Spanish series.
Among the characters that are voiced by Uncle Lucas, Los Locos Adams, Super Agent 86, Huckleberry Hound, and Benito Bozzo and Cucho, both members of the gang of Don Gato, among many others.
Many of these series were broadcast in Ecuador with Arvizu 's voice, in the latest film from Agent 86 (2008 ) returned to make the voice of Max .
In the 70s, Arvizu achieved recognition of his character " Tata " comedy " Maid well-bred', and the nickname held until his death. He participated in numerous television Televisa .
In his later years, Arvizu participated actively in the two campaigns of leftist Andres Manuel Lopez
Obrador by the Mexican Presidency, with the dissemination of propaganda messages.
The actor was also a producer and writer for theater, television and film as well as, in various productions about the history of Mexico. He played Arvizu Francisco I. Madero, who led the uprising that defeated Porfirio Diaz in 1911.
ARVIZU, Jorge (Jorge Isaac Arvizu Martínez)
Born: 7/23/1932, Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico
Died: 3/18/2014, Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico
Jorge Arvizu’s westerns – actor:
Zapata – 1970 (Francisco Indalecio Madero)
They Call Him Marcado – 1971
Chico Ramos - 1971
Los indomables – 1972
Pistlero del diablo - 1974

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