Wednesday, April 2, 2014

RIP Jerry Biggs

Jerry Biggs, McKinney Native and Actor, Passes Away
McKinney Town Square Buzz
By Community Contributor
April 1, 2014
Jerry Dale Biggs, born in McKinney, Texas, May 28, 1950, was the son of Hazel and William W. Biggs and the youngest of six boys and two girls. Jerry passed away of an apparent heart attack at his home in Klondike, Texas, March 30, 2014. Judy Allen Biggs, his loving wife for fifteen years, was with him at the time. Jerry died while doing one of the things he loved very much, playing with his dogs. He will certainly be missed by all his family, friends, fellow actors, writers and movie personnel, six dogs and eighteen cats, especially by his best friend and companion, Abigail the dog. Abigail was very jealous and every time Jerry got on the phone she would start barking because she didn’t have his undivided attention.
Jerry became interested in acting while studying drama at McKinney High School and graduated in the Class of 1968. Working numerous summer jobs, including with the Texas Highway Department, he paid his own way through college and majored in theater and speech at East Texas State University, where he became somewhat of an icon in the Theatre Department. After graduating, he went on to perform in 15 major motion pictures and over 50 television shows. Having worked with world-renown directors, actors and writers, Jerry also spent much of his time speaking at public schools and universities about acting as a craft and profession. Jerry is probably most known for his role as Roy Suggs in the blockbuster television miniseries Lonesome Dove. His most recent film roles were with Matthew McConaughey, Jack Black and Shirley McClain in Bernie; Mariah Carey in Tennessee and Anna-Sophia Robb in West Texas Lullaby. Jerry toured extensively over the years with his critically acclaimed one-man show, Mark Twain. Movies and television shows he performed in include: Silverado, Alamo Bay, Tender Mercies, Walker Texas Ranger, Lonesome Dove, Bed of
Lies, Heaven and Hell, North and South Book III, and numerous episodes of Dallas.
Funeral arrangements are pending and will be announced later.
BIGGS, Jerry (Jerry Dales Biggs)
Born: 5/28/1950, McKinney, Texas, U.S.A.
Died: 3/30/014, Klondike, Texas, U.S.A.
Jerry Biggs westerns – actor:
Silverado – 1985 (bartender)
Houston: the Legend of Texas (TV) – 1986 (messenger)
Lonesome Dove (TV) – 1989 (Roy Suggs)
Walker, Texas Ranger (TV) – 1993, 1994, 1996, 1999 (guy with black eye, Mike McDonald, Barney, Mr. Johnson)
True Women (TV) – 1997 (Redneck leader)

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