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RIP Jorge Arvizu

Actor Jorge Arvizu, 'El Tata', has passed away
Voice Benito Bozzo and Cucho for 'Cat and the Gang' was hospitalized after suffering a heart attack
MEXICO CITY, March 18 -. Mexican actor Jorge Arvizu, 'El Tata', died early on Tuesday, at age 81 due to heart failure.
Weeks ago he was rushed to hospital for the same condition, but showed improvement, said Pedro Romo, his close friend, after leaving the hospital, reports the website of the station to which he belonged.
International Talent
Jorge Arvizu was born in Celaya, July 23, 1932, and became a voice actor, film and television in Mexico, according to the Wikipedia site.
He is known as "El Tata"; name of one of his characters in a television series.
He distinguished himself for his work from the 1950s and 1960s, performing all kinds of voices in cartoons and television series, as well as being comedic actor, producer and writer for theater, television and film.
His talent is recognized in Latin American countries, where their work is known, mainly in the field of dubbing.
Jorge Arvizu nicknamed "El Tata" won in the late 1970s, when he appeared with a regular character in The Handmaid Well Maid, where he played an elderly neighbor of the protagonist, María Victoria, I returning to it later in the Carbine Ambrose and the My Guest program.
First figure dubbing mainly on Mexican television, did the voices of Mighty Mouse and The Magpies chattering and Merrie Melodies and Looney Tunes series, Warner Brothers (presented in some countries like animated Fantasies yesterday and today), with characters like Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, and, Popeye the Sailor, King Features. In addition to impersonate Pepe Trueno and Huckleberry Hound in versions 1961 and 1962.
But its great success, which is recognized internationally, was to interpret the voice of Fred Flintstone on The Flintstones and the legendary Don Adams, in his character of Maxwell Smart, Agent 86 El Super.
Also among his many voices of animated characters are Canito in Canuto and Canito, Woody Woodpecker, Felix the Cat, Mr. Magoo and characters of the series Top Cat and his gang, as Benito Bozzo and Cucho, alongside actors such as deceased Victor Alcocer and Julio Lucena.
Also took her voice starring in dozens of other cartoons made ​​by Hanna-Barbera including The Jetsons, Magilla Gorilla, Fantastic 4 (as the evil Doctor Doom), The Banana Split Show of Scooby-Doo, Wheelie astute and Jabberjaw or the voices of George Harrison and Ringo Starr in the Beatles cartoon series, made ​​by Al Brodax.
Voiced television series such as The Superagente 86, Maxwell Smart, Uncle Lucas in Los Locos Adams and the voice of robot in Lost in Space: he played in the Batman series of the sixties the villain known as the Penguin .
The innumerable details
In the early eighties he lent his voice for toy 2-XL Missing brand Prestige, a robot that "spoke" of different topics like sports, monsters, myths and legends, through rounds eight tracks where the robot was multiple choice questions and the player must respond correctly; Depending on the response the robot, congratulating the player was sad or supplemented with additional information response, all with a unique sense of humor.
Moreover he has worked in Mexican films production as Question of Honor (1993) and The Angels of Death (1995), in addition to writing and participating in dozens of plays.
He was also responsible for interpreting in various Mexican historic productions Francisco I. Madero, and in the soap opera The Constitution, with Maria Felix and in the film "Emiliano Zapata" starring Antonio Aguilar.
Belonging to a generation of players graduate XEW station radio, led by Julio Lucena (Don Gato, Barney Rubble), David Reynoso (Don Gato Several characters, especially the Official Matute and Sergeant), Victor Alcocer (Official Matute Herman Munster), Quintin Bulnes (Crazy Shooting or QuickDraw McGraw) Sergio Bustamante (Captain Healey on I Dream of Jeannie), José María Iglesias ("Mouse") and Santiago Gil, among others.
He had a starring role in the sitcom "The privilege of sending" (2005), where he developed several characters.
In recent 2007 dates has participated in the Mexican dubbing Japanese anime "Digimon 02" (2000) where she played Hawkmon and Aquilamon though he had done before in 1977 at the Triton Sea (Umi no Toriton) anime as narrator, in the animated Cartoon Network Dexter's Laboratory (doing the voice of an Irish leprechaun) series, The Powerpuff Girls (2001) (interpreting the voice of an old villain named Mastermind) and the Disney Pixar film, Cars voicing "Ramon" and Ratatouille as Hateful Chef Skinner.
In 2008, his brother Rubén Arvizu, the adapter of the original series and the new movie translator, reached an agreement with Warner Brothers, so George Maxwell Smart doubled again in the movie "Super Agent 86".
This was a great joy to his Latin American fans who longed for the return of "El Tata" with one of his most beloved characters. Copies of this film films were dubbed and not subtitled mostly to the Latin American market; was so important for the public to return to play Arvizu Smart, that some of the posters of the film included a special headband specifying that the tape had "with the original voice of Tata Arvizu".
In 2010 the producer Fernando de Fuentes confirmed partipación Jorge Arvizu and original voice in the dubbing of the new Warner Brothers movie "Top Cat" (Cat and the gang), a project that developed a production company in Mexico.
His work as a painter and musician is unknown, making pictures on request, in addition to forming a jazz group having its first presentation in March 2011, in Nathan Center with musical direction by Rodrigo Escamilla. The May 29, 2011 was presented with its own set "Tata Jazz" in the center Nathan.
The inexhaustible resume
The phrase that identifies it refers to a Mexican sweet bread. In an episode of My Guest, Tata and the girl played by Usi Velasco jostling for the same bread, which is a cocol, the problem is solved MaríaVictoria swatting at Tata and saying
"Let your cocol the girl" what the Tata said.
ARVIZU, Jorge (Jorge Isaac Arvizu Martinez)
Born: 7/23/1932, Celaya, Guanajuato, Mexico
Died: 3/18/2014, Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico
Jorge Arvizu’s westerns – actor:
Chico Ramos - 1971
They Call Me Marcado – 1971
Pistolero del diablo – 1971
Los Indomables – 1972
La gran Aventura del Zorro - 1976

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