Saturday, May 3, 2014

RIP Erdo Vatan

CINEMA artist 'Erdo Vatan' died at 79 district of Balıkesir BURHANİYE died from pancreatic cancer at his home
Born Erdogan Vatansever in 1936, he starred in numerous films in Turkey. He died at his home two months after being treated in Ankara Gazi University Hospital where he underwent treatment for 5 days before returning home to Burhanilye.
Educated at Unversal Studios.
Considered as the center of world cinema he trained at Universal Studios, with Mickey Rooney and attend lectures given by Alfred Hitchcock before returning home to Turkey, he continued his studies in the field of cinema and television. Not only a screenwriter, but also a jazz and country music artist he opened in Ayvalik a theater and acting workshops for actors who began training for the future. At the Municipal Youth Centre for young people, giving lessons in elocution and drama, film and television community.
Erdo Vatan's last film Havran, Inonu from the village Khalil's life that he wrote describing his close friend, Cultural History Researcher Erdogan Gazioğlu, "Erdogan brother, a hard worker. Discomfort at all though he is not idle, the nonstop script was written. Havranl Halil's script met with grandchildren go to write, did extensive research. was getting ready to make his movie. However, life was not long enough. We were very upset. God bless," he said.
VATAN, Erdo (Erdogan Vatansever)
Born: 1936, Turkey
Died: 4/30/2014 Ayvalik, Balikesir, Turkey
Erdo Vatan’s western – actor:
Yedi belalilar - 1970

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  1. I am Mehmet Vatan, the son of Erdo Vatan. I never knew the man all of Turkey has known for decades. I have lived in the U.S. my whole life and am currently trying to find a way over to Turkey to see my fathers grave, Inshallah.. Salaam