Friday, May 23, 2014

RIP Sergio Bustamante

Actor Sergio Bustamante dies

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By Staff
May 22, 2014
The first actor died Thursday at age 79 in Puebla, due to a massive heart attack.
The first actor Sergio Bustamante died of a massive heart attack in Puebla at the age of 79.
Don Sergio made ​​his acting debut in the play ''El duelo de Federico S. Inclán''. In movies he had his first role in the movie 'Una golfa' in 1957 with Silvia Pinal.
He participated in movies like 'Un hombre en la trampa', 'Todo por nada', 'Espejismo en la ciudad' and 'El principio'. For the latter won an Ariel and a Goddess Silver for Best Actor Award co-feature.
In soap operas participated in 'Empress', 'Love Me', 'The torch lit' and 'pink shoelaces', among others.
He used his manly voice for dubbing TV series, films and cartoons. He was the voice of 'Roger Healey' in 'Mi bella genio'; that of 'Capitán Lee Crane' in 'Viaje al fondo del mar', 'Canito' in 'Canuto y Canito' and 'Tiro Loco McGraw' on the radio and he also lectured.
In film he gave his voice to 'Willie Wonka' on video tape 'Charlie in the Chocolate Factory'. His chivalry had made ​​great friends in the middle of the show as Maribel Guardia who was acting teacher. In his later years he devoted himself to give histrionic classes in Puebla.

BUSTAMANTE, Sergio (Sergio Emilio Edgardo De Bustamante y Arteaga Roa)
Born: 10/18/1934, Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico
Died: 5/22/2014, Puebla, Zaragoza, Mexico
Sergio Bustamante’s westerns – actor:
Todo por nada – 1969
Mercenaries of Death – 1983 (Kan Jen Mercenario)

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