Tuesday, August 12, 2014

RIP Guillermo Larrea

Death of actor Guillermo Larrea
August 7, 2014
The actor suffered two heart attacks, which ended his life.
MEXICO CITY, July August.- actor film, theater and television Guillermo Larrea, who developed his career in recent years in the ranks of TV Azteca, where he acted in soap operas such as The Empress and the King, died today victim of a heart attack in Los Cabos, Baja California.
In a program of shows it was reported that the actor who also worked in film, was on vacation in the tourist spot of Los Cabos, where he suffered a cardiac arrest.
He said that after receiving medical attention and was recovering when he suffered a second heart attack that caused his death.
Right now they are watching and as has been said, was in Los Cabos at a family event, had a heart attack, he was treated, had recovered, but died ", Rosario Murrieta said, who is part of the issue conducted by Patricia Chapoy where the latter said today: "What a shame and so young."
Other soap operas which are Larrea also participated Rivals by accident, TV Azteca and Televisa in 1991 in the production of Juan Osorio, selfish mothers, where he lives Memo.
The last soap opera in which he worked was Family Secrets, in which she played Enrique, same which aired from May to October 2013, starring Ofelia Medina, Anette Michel and Sergio Basañez.
Larrea began his career in 1987 with the film Sudden death and in recent years was involved in other shootings in various genres like comedy in Canela (2012) film, under the direction of Jordi Mariscal, where she shared credits with Ana Martin Isabel Yudice and Monica Dionne, among others.
In the genre of drama also filmed the tape Beyond the Light (2010), under the direction of Frank Darier Baziere, which also acted Nando Estevané, Marcela Ruiz and Roberto D'Amico.
He joined the cast of the film Cristero, whose address was given by Dean Wright, which acted Andy Garcia, Oscar Isaac, Eva Longoria, Santiago Cabrera and Ruben Blades, among others.
He was also one of the figures appearing in unit programs What we shut Everyone women and their saint. As in the plays: Azul, Glafira Rocha and Robbers by Friedrich Schiller.
LARREA, Guillermo
Born: 19??, Mexico
Died: 8/8/2014, Los Cabos, Baja, Mexico
Guillermo Larrea’s westerns – actor:
Zapata: Amor en rebeldia (TV) – 2004
For Greater Glory: The True Story of Cristiada – 2012 (Sergeant Humberto)

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