Tuesday, September 2, 2014

RIP Daniel Dicenta

Actor Daniel Dicenta dies, ex-husband of Lola Herrera
At 76, the famous comedian, grandson, son and father of theater stars, died Tuesday in the 2nd room hotel in Madrid where it was for years.
Actor Daniel Dicenta has died Tuesday at the age of 76, as reported Performers Management Company, which manages the intellectual property rights of actors, voice actors, dancers and stage managers. His body was found dead in Madrid room guesthouse in the city center, which had for years staying, at 11.30 am on Tuesday 2 September. Emergency services could only certify his death.
Daniel, grandson, son, husband and father of comedians, has died in Madrid, leaving behind a great acting career in theater and film. Of all his titles could highlight its role Valerio Gregorio Contreras in the movie "The Crime of Cuenca", 1980, Pilar Miró, which shares the spotlight with José Manuel Cervino, Héctor Alterio and Amparo Soler Leal.
Deponent was married to actress Lola Herrera, with whom he had two children: Natalia Dicenta, actress and singer, and Dicenta Daniel Herrera, who has devoted himself to photography.
In the last years of his life was dedicated to the actor dubbing, voicing artists like Robert Englund in "Nightmare on Elm Street" or Peter Stormare in "Fargo," the Coen brothers.
Born: 11/6/1937, Benimamem, Valencia, Spain
Died:  9/2/2014, Madrid, Madrid, Spain
Daniel Dicenta’s westerns – voice actor:
The Desperado Trail – 1965 [Spanish voice Rik Battaglia]
The Unholy Four – 1969 [Spanish voice of Andrea Aurelli]
Buddy Goes West – 1981 [Spanish voice of Giovanni Cianfriglia, Pino Patti]
North Star – 1995 [Spanish voice of Burt Young]

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