Tuesday, September 2, 2014

RIP Gottfried John

German actor Gottfried John died
Die Welt
September 2, 2014
Known as James Bond villain
The actor Gottfried John died at the age of 72 years near Munich. (- "Berlin Alexanderplatz", "Goldeneye James Bond 007") on Monday from cancer as the West German Broadcasting (WDR) announced in Cologne on Tuesday.
Rainer Werner Fassbinder made John a cinema star in the 1970. Featured in films such as "The Marriage of Maria Braun" (1978), "Lili Marleen" (1981) and "Berlin Alexanderplatz" (1980) which bestowed great popularity on the actor. He achieved world fame in 1995 with the final design of multi-layered villain General Ouromov in the James Bond thriller, "GoldenEye".
WDR director Tom Buhrow praised John. "We will always remember Gottfried John as a great character actor - and as an equally modest as warm-hearted person. Unforgettable is his wonderful display in (Rainer Werner) Fassbinder's" Berlin Alexanderplatz, said Buhrow”
JOHN, Gottfried
Born: 8/29/1942, Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Died: September 1, 2014, Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Gottfried John’s western – actor:
Carlos – 1971 (Carlos)

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