Tuesday, September 9, 2014

RIP Rafael Carret

Rafael "El Pato" Carret has died
September 9, 2014
The actor, composer and conductor was 90 years old. His son Lisandro confirmed Teleshow that he was suffering from pneumonia which he could not be cured.
Rafael Carretta, better known as "El Pato" Carret for his imitation of Donald Duck, has died at age 90, Monday, at 17:40, as a result of pneumonia.
As detailed in Teleshow his son, Lisandro Carret, current director of Pasión de Sábado: "He suffered pneumonia, was hospitalized, he was discharged but did not recover and returned to the hospital until his death."
The comedian did not want the press to find out and spent his last hours with his inner circle. Next to him holding his hand was his wife Cecilia and their children Roman and Lisandro (with his girlfriend Erika). He was mourned and he wanted, a locked door for two hours and now they are going to cremate and then scatter the ashes in a special place for him.
According to what Teleshow, however, they will put a plaque in the Pantheon of Actors Chacarita cemetery for the public to visit there. "What people remember with affection and respect," said his relatives.
"The Duck" was highlighted as an actor, composer and host of TV, although in his youth he played for Patolandia and was a sports journalist.
His beginnings were in radio and in 1940 had was successful with a comedy radio show La Caravana del Buen Humor. Then joined Los cinco grandes del buen humor, with Guillermo Rico, Jorge Luz, Juan Carlos Cambon and Zelmar Gueñol. The group filmed over 15 films.
In the 1950s he worked for Nero magazine meets, or music, as El hombre de la mancha. While in the 1960s led the TV La Tuerca, which earned him a Martín Fierro in 1970.
Carret Patolandia led the children's program and then the morning of the boys. However, after he lost his job and began to engage in trade, but later reappeared in some fictions of Channel 9.
Until he shows his 80 years with his son, Lisandro Carret, but then decided to retire and no longer wanted to return to acting because he wanted to be remembered in the best way.
CARRET, Rafael (Rafael Antonio Carretta)
Born: 9/10/1923, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Died: 9/5/2014, Argentina
Rafael Carret’s western – actor:
Martin Fierro – 1968 (Neopolitan)

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