Monday, October 27, 2014

RIP Antonio Terenghi

RIP Antonio Terenghi
Antonio Terenghi, father of Pedrito el Drito has died
Today we lost a the prolific cartoonist Antonio Terenghi, a part of history of the Italian comics, who drew many famous people of the 1950s and 1960s and created the unforgettable sheriff Pedrito el Drito and his nagging wife, Paquita, whose adventures were originally published in The Brat.
Born October 31, 1921, he made ​​his debut in the industry as a letterer for the publisher Edital while later, in 1954, he created a parody of Tarzan, Tarzanetto for the Milanese Dart, character by actor soon became the protagonist and which will subsequently be taken up by the Corriere dei Piccoli.
At the age of twenty he enlisted and was sent to Africa, where he remained a prisoner of the British for seven years. Back in Italy, he picked up where he left off working for several publishing houses. In thirty years, in the public eye beginning in 1951 with the adventures of Wimpy and Poldino. In the same year he made ​​his debut with Pedrito el Drito, one of the longest-running cartoons on which he worked other great artists such as Alfredo Castelli.
Despite being no longer young of age, in recent years Terenghi never moved away from the drawing board, and his career continued through all the years of this decade. Among the characters he created include Mac Keron, Gionni and the jeep-'umanizzata 'Geppina, Nuto the Wily, Ademaro the Corsair, Nita the Airhead, Gastone the Lazy, the Dapper Director of the Hiccups Della Sera, Teddy Sberla, Lucky Solomon, the Indian Caribou, Panterina, Slacker, the Dude Geo Brummel, the Chimpanzee Togo, Crows and Pik Pak, Marietta and Rio Mendoza.
We shook the family, friends and colleagues with our deepest condolences.
Born: 10/31/1921, Alano di Piave, Veneto, Italy
Died: 10/26/2014, Milan, Lombardy, Italy
Antonio Terenghi’s westerns – comic book artist, writer:
Pedrito el Drito – 1951
Rio Mendoza - 195?
L'indiano Caribù - 195?

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