Thursday, October 9, 2014

RIP Behçet Nacar

Tough guy Nacer Behçet's farewell
'Smash BD as' in living memory, which rendition 'tough guy' roles and iconic figures of erotic films from the glut of veteran players Behcet Nacar, has died at the age of 80.
Yeşilçam'ın important 'tough guy' characters' Breaking created Behcet Nacar, Behçet's Nacaroğlu full name, has passed away at the age of 80. Among them ‘Parçala Behçet’, ‘Komando Behçet’, ‘Namın Yürüsün Behçet’, ‘Sev Beni Behçet’, ‘Malkoçoğlu - Akıncılar Geliyor’, ‘Şoför Nebahat Abla’, ‘Talihsizler’, ‘Tarkan’, Nacar was involved in close to 150 films a veteran player for a long time who was suffering from a lunf disease it has been learned. Nacaroğlu Behcet's funeral will  be today in Bakirkoy Amine Hatun Mosque where he will be buried following afternoon prayers.
Who was Behcet Nacar
Behçet Nacar Behcet's was born in 1934, and graduated from the Institute of Istanbulerkeksanat. A period in which casting a taxi driver by profession, who was also Nacer, while a taxi driver in the middle of the 1960s and worked as an extra in the movies. He appeared in close to 150 films involved in the veteran player, where he was a symbol of 'tough guy' characters 'Smash BD as' in living memory has this series under the ' Komando Behçet’, ‘Namın Yürüsün Behçet’, ‘Sev Beni Behçet’ were some of the films in which he appeared. He was in Turkish cinema's first car explosion scene, also produced his play in a movie where he applied said Behçet's Nacer 1970s, the second half of the Turkish type of erotic films fame was solidified, he also produced and directed some films.
NACAR, Behçet (Behçet Nacaroglu)
Born: 4/7/1934, Istanbul, Turkey
Died: 10/3/2014, Istanbul, Turkey
Behçet Nacar’s westerns – actor:
Zorro disi Fantoma ya karsi – 1969
Zorro kara kamcisi - 1969
Azrail’in bes atlisi - 1971
Zapata – 1971
Simdi silah konusacak – Pekos Bill – 1971
Olumunu Kendrin sec - 1971

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