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RIP Eduardo D'Angelo

El Pais
October 19, 2014
Actor Eduardo D'Angelo has died; Uruguay has lost an icon of humor
The famous comedian Eduardo D'Angelo, 75, died yesterday. He was one of the leading figures of the national scene with people who made television history in both Uruguay and Argentina.
Eduardo D'Angelo was born in Montevideo on January 4, 1939 and devoted his life to acting, imitation and humor in all its facets.
Characters like Captain Cannons and a stellar performance in the famous comedy show Telecataplum in the 1960s earned him the popular recognition, on both banks of the Plata.
Dangelo began since childhood as an imitator of the Argentine actor Luis Sandrini in the program "Child Magazine" Radio Carve.
Its brightness in radio led him to television, which had just begun in Uruguay, through Channel 10. So it was in 1957 that he participated in the "Old Coffee Center" program, Carmelo Empire.
But undoubtedly the program that earned him a place in the hearts and memories of the Uruguayan audience was Telecataplum on Channel 12. The cycle began in 1962 and took it to share with other great scenes show as Uruguayan Ricardo Espalter, Raimundo Soto, Henny Trailes, and Berugo Carámbula Emilio Vidal, a versatile group that made history on national TV.
The same group, and others then conducted successful programs in several South American countries in the region such as Argentina and Chile. Among the comedy shows in which he participated are Decalegrón, Hupumorpo, Jaujarana, ComiColor and Híperhumor.
He also entered the children's show with Julio Frade, making the characters "Captain Cannons" and "Always Ready".
Deeply saddened by the loss of one of our heroes of humor, Eduardo Dangelo, another genius who will be missed, he wrote on his Twitter account Almada Sebastian, son of former teammate Enrique Almada. Messages of appreciation and gratitude flooded social networks in minutes.
The actor's wake was held last night at the company Martinelli. Interment will be at 10:00 Sunday morning in the North Cemetery.
D'Angelo created and performed shows like "La revista infantil" "The show of a thousand voices" (on radio), "Moviola 4" and "Matinee neighborhood." He also starred in the film The eternal smile of New Jersey, with Daniel Day-Lewis.
In the 1970s led "Face Off" by Channel 4, American style news cycle, where he performed caricatures of viewers who called the program.
His ability to mimic voices of artists from radio, television and film, did well recognized, as well as his librettist vein.
His latest book, released this year in the theater Stella was the butler and lady bright.
The work was recognized by critics as "a piece of pure theatrical carpentry," offering "a cascade of crazy situations" that originated when a prestigious millionaire decided to celebrate his birthday in his elegant mansion with special guests.
Of course, unforeseen problems prevented the presence of these unique characters, and was where the butler (D'Angelo) made the decision to replace them, representing them one by one.
The work belonged to the entertainer, who was also accompanied by Leticia Moreira, Nelson Lence, John Machado and José Luis Gómez.

D’ANGELO, Eduardo
Born: 1/4/1939, Montevideo, Uruguay
Died: 10/18/2014, Montevideo, Uruguay 
Eduardo D’Angelo’s western – actor:
Los irrompibles – 1975 (Rider in White – Guardian Angel)

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