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RIP Hugo Carvana

Hugo Carvana dies at age 77
Director made films like 'Go to work, bum' and 'Bar Hope'.
As an actor, he worked in the novels 'Wheel of Fire' and 'Celebrities'.
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October 4, 2014
The filmmaker and actor Hugo Carvana died Saturday (4) after 77 years in Rio. According to the hospital where Carvana had been hospitalized since last Sunday (28), in Botafogo, in the south, he had complications caused by cancer in the lung. Still no information about the funeral and burial.
Throughout his career, which began in 1955, Hugo Carvana was marked by portraying the typical "carioca trickster" in their comedies. He acted more than 50 films. Among the productions he directed, are "Go to work, bum" (1973), "If safe, trickster" (1977), "Bar Hope, the last one closes" (1982), "The Naked Man" (1996), " Joana's mother's house "(2007) and" Do not worry, nothing will work "(2009).
"He was not only an extraordinary actor, but a director, an intellectual who thought the Brazil is a sad coincidence:. Carvana was like José Wilker, author, thought things Brazil, cinema, had great interest in the state of the world" said filmmaker and close friend Carlos Diegues, remembering the death of fellow actor and director José Wilker , 5 last April ( see the repercussions of the death of Hugo Carvana ).
Tribute in Rio Festival
Last Saturday (27), the River Festival held a special session on "Go to work, bum" with restored copy. The four sons of Hugo Carvana were present: Julius Cacala, Rita and Pedro Carvana. Due to poor health, the filmmaker could not attend the gala.
Globo TV, also starred in such novels as "Melee" (1984), "Wheel of Fire" (1986), "The master of the world" (1991), "Body and Soul" (1992), "Beast wound "(1993)," Celebrity "(2003) and" Tropical Paradise "(2007). One of his best known roles was the police reporter Valdomiro Pena, the show's "Duty of police" (1979-1981).
His last film as director was "house mother Joan 2" (2013). As an actor, he was part of the cast of "Giovanni Improtta" (2013), José Wilker.
Carvana Hugo was born on July 4, 1937, son of Alice seamstress Carvana Castro and Navy Commander Clovis Heloy de Hollanda. Was "a distinguished suburban Lins de Vasconcelos, who never renounced his humble origins" as highlights the profile on the official website. The text reinforces the actor and director was marked in his career for having "a hint of mischief."
In youth, to get into the stadium and cheer for Fluminense, used to disguise the seller bullets and walking. "Figure mandatory on the tables of bars at night carioca, he cultivated friendship with the great names of bohemia and the arts - Roniquito, Ary Barroso, Tom Jobim, Vinicius de Moraes, were few," says the listing.
"Through this experience has created characters that populate the universe Rio, as the trickster in Dino 'Will work bum'." The first time I experienced this kind of character was in "Captain Flag against dr. Moura Brazil" (1970), Antonio Calmon.
CARVANA, Hugo (Hug Carvana de Hollanda)
Born: 6/4/1937, Rio de Janiero, Rio de Janiero, Brazil
Died: 10/4/2014, Rio de Janiero, Rio de Janiero, Brazil
Hugo Carvana’s western – actor:
Antonio das Mortes – 1969 (Mattos)

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