Tuesday, October 14, 2014

RIP Jan Schánilec

Actor Jan Schánilec who lent voice of Bud Spencer has died
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12 October 2014 13:54
Schánilec came from Ceske Budejovice, and performed at the Prague Academy of Performing Arts (the Theatre Academy of Performing Arts) after a second attempt at acting.
Czech actor and voice dubber, Jan Schánilec died at the age of 72 years of age on October 12th in a Prague hospital after a long serious illness For many years he worked in Prague's Vinohrady Theatre, starring in a number of films and in recent years he devoted himself mainly to dubbing. His lent his voice to actors Bud Spencer and Jack Nicholson.
Schánilec came from Ceske Budejovice, to the Prague Academy of Performing Arts (the Theatre Academy of Performing Arts) to make a second attempt. After graduating, he joined the Vineyard Theatre, where he worked in the years 1966-1991.
Since the 1990s he focused on dubbing and as a dubbing director. He lent his voice to thousands of characters. He was a laureate of the prestigious Czech prices of František.
He played in cult films such as Svadba ako remeň, Slasti Otca vlasti či Petrolejové lampy.
Born: 10/22/1941, České Budějovice Czechoslovakia
Died: 10/12/2014, Prague, Czech Republic
Jan Schánilec’s western – actor, voice actor:
Fistful of Dollars – 1964 [Czechoslovakian voice of Sieghardt Rupp]
Frontier Hellcat – 1964 [Czechoslovakian voice of Voja Miric]
The Last Tomahawk – 1965 [Czechoslovakia voice of Daniel Martin]
God Forgives… I Don’t – 1967 [Czechoslovakian voice of Bud Spener]
Villa Rides – 1967 [Czechoslovakian voice of Fernando Rey]
Beyond the Law – 1968 [Czechoslovakian voice of Bud Spencer]
The Prairie (TV) – 1968 [Czechoslovakian voice of Mircea Pascu]
Boot Hill – 1969 [Czechoslovakian voice of Bud Spencer]
Fatal Error – 1969 [Czechoslovakian voice of Armin Mueller-Stahl]
Man of the East – 1972 [Czechoslovakian voice of Sal Borghese]
Ulzana – 1973 [Czechoslovakian voice of Gojko Mitic]
Armed and Very Dangerous - 1977 (Julian Barreto)
Eagle’s Wing – 1979 [Czechoslovakian voice of Martin Sheen]

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