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RIP Marija Crnobori

A legend of Yugoslav theater: Deceased Marija Crnobori
BELGRADE - Yugoslavian actress, a great tragic actress of her time and a member of the Yugoslav Drama Theatre since its inception, Marija Crnobori, died on October 21 at the age of 96 in her apartment in Belgrade, it was announced today by JDP.
She was born in Istria, in a small village near Pula Banjole, October 1, 1918. Her studies in acting at the academy ended in Zagreb, and even as a student she appeared in the National Theatre in Zagreb, and after that, two seasons in the National Theatre in Rijeka. In 1947, at the invitation of Bojana Stupice, the director and husband Markom Foteza from Istria has moved to Belgrade in bringing his acting talents, high professionalism and true dedication to the work of building a new theater - the Yugoslav Drama Theatre. She played in the first performance JDP, 3 April of that year, in "The King Betajnove".
Her most important role was on the main stage of the Yugoslav Drama: Sophocles Antigone, Rašínovo Phaedrus, Shakespeare's Lady Macbeth (Macbeth) and Regan (King Lear), Goethe's Iphigenia (Iphigenia in Tauris). She played in the first play of the Yugoslav Drama Theatre, Cankar King Betajnove as Franck; postalaje pillar-pillar of the repertoire of the House: the title role in the drama Love Jarovaja K. Friction and Candida B. Shaw, Sofia Alexandrovna in Chekhov's Uncle Vanya, in July Peri SEGEDINCA Laze Kostic, Katarina Ivanovna in The Brothers Karamazov by Dostoyevsky, in Krleže Clara Lady, Jadviga Jasenska in The Edge of Reason and Laura Lembahova In the agony of Clare Zeno's maids, Jocasta in Hristic clean hands
In this theater, and as a guest actor in Dubrovnik and Split Summer Festival, playing, among other things, the role of Ophelia in the first Lovrjenac in Dubrovnik. With Mark Foteza participated in the full establishment of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival (1952 Ophelia in Hamlet and Gertrude in 1956, Titania in A Midsummer Night Snu, Ida in Dubrovnik trilogy and other roles) .Nagrađivana was awarded the most awards for special achievements and life's work, such as Sterijina Award (1968), the October Award of the City of Belgrade (1960), Seventh of July Award for Lifetime Achievement (1974), Dobrica's ring (1992). In 2009, she was officially awarded the Charter of Parliament čakavskog Žminj poetry and in 2013 the National Day of the Republic of Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic state awarded her the Order of Sretenjski III order.
Marija last appeared in public in Belgrade promoting her book "Životić", in which she presented a set of interesting stories and testimonies from the world of theater arts and acting, in the form of selected essays that she wrote from 1952 to 2004. She published a book, "The World of Acting." From 1948 to the end of his life he lived in Belgrade.
Born: 10/1/1918, Banjole, Istria, Austria-Hungary
Died: 10/21/14, Belgrade, Serbia
Marija Crnobori's westerns - actress:
The Half-Breed - 1966 (Mine-Yota)
Thunder at the Border – 1966 (German-Joanna)

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