Sunday, October 5, 2014

RIP Paul Revere

Paul Revere: “The End of the Ride” 1938 – 2014
By Roger Hart
On October 4th, 2014 an incredible ride came to the end, As Rock
and Roll Band Leader Paul Revere died peacefully at his home in
Idaho, a small estate overlooking a tranquil river canyon. He was 76.
From his birthplace in Harvard, Nebraska, January 7th, 1938, to
Caldwell, Idaho, Paul began the first of many travels. Ones most
people never make.
As a teen in the 1950’s, Paul wanted music to be his ticket to
success, and it was. Having formed his first musical group, the seed
was planted in Boise and Caldwell, Idaho. Modest success followed,
but began to fully bloom in Portland, Oregon. By then his group, The
Downbeats, had become Paul Revere and the Raiders.
A 1963 encounter with Portland radio DJ Roger Hart began a trip that
would put him and his Raider band on the road to Hollywood. Hart
became the group’s Personal Manager, and with Paul, made travel
plans that began with a recording contract with CBS/Columbia
Records, one of the worlds’ most prominent record labels.
But it was Hart and Paul Revere’s connection to TV Legend Dick
Clark that put them at the Top. “Yes”, says Hart, “it was network
television that introduced 5 faces to the nation, all of whom
contributed to an image of Hard Rock Humor that endeared them to
fans everywhere. Daily, teens across America tuned in to the Dick
Clark ABC Television series “Where The Action Is”, daily, for over two
It was then that the hits began. Paul Revere. Mark Lindsay, Phil
Volk, Drake Levin, and Mike Smith, were group members who each
gained individual fame, and Paul was the driving force.” Mike Smith
and Drake Levin preceded Paul Revere in death in recent years.
Paul Revere led the group through 12 years at Columbia Records,
with two Dick Clark produced ABC Television series that kept them
busy. In addition, Paul’s face and his iconic three cornered hat lead
the group on major television appearances that included Johnny
Carson, The Smothers Brothers, Ed Sullivan, and even an
appearance on Batman. Concert tours all across America and even
Europe filled the rest of the schedule. Fan magazines fed teens the
latest news of their idols.
When the teen idol years ended, and some group members had
moved on, Paul Revere restructured the group into an on-going
success story, until this very day. He was often described as ‘The last
madman of Rock and Roll’ for his humor. Hart describes today’s
version of Paul Revere and The Raiders as “a well oiled machine,
with occasional spare parts”.
Paul, by then, had departed Hollywood for Idaho, a round-trip for him,
this time with success under his belt. From there he and his group
continued to tour. He invested in his beloved state, and continued to
live there until his death, with his wife of 35 years, Sydney Revere.
Memorial Services are pending.
REVERE, Paul (Paul Revere Dick)
Born: 1/7/1938, Harvard, Nebraska, U.S.A.
Died: 10/4/2014, Caldwell, Idaho, U.S.A.
Paul Revere’s western – musical performer:
Santee – 1973 [‘Jody”]

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