Thursday, October 16, 2014

RIP Giorgio Rebuffi

He's gone Giorgio Rebuffi, creator of Tiramolla and Pugaciòff
By David Card
October 16, 2014
Today comes the sad news of the death of George Rebuffi, a brilliant cartoonist, creator of such memorable characters as Tiramolla and the wolf Pugaciòff.
He was much loved in Italy but also abroad and won several awards in his career, which ended not long ago. Born in Milan on November 7, 1928, he invented the Sheriff Fox in 1948, for the editions that entrust Alpe then Puppy and Beppe. In 1952 he created the famous Tiramolla with Roberto Renzi but there are really a lot of the characters he created, among which we want to remember Bingo Bongo, Trottolino, Giotto dachshund, Tita and Toto, Torquato stubborn pig, the ghost Ajax, Tom Porcello, the gorilla Artemidorus Gigorocane, Professor Cerebrus and Volpone Dulcamara.
In 1959 Rebuffi then give birth to Pugaciòff a beloved character even outside the Italian borders. He also worked on several Disney stories, creating along with Luciano and Carlo Bottaro Chendi Studio Bierreci I fumerali in 1968. His funeral will be held in Turin on Saturday, October 18.
The editors of clings to the relatives and friends in a Rebuffi heartfelt condolences.
REBUFFI, Giorgio
Born: 11/7/1928, Milan, Lombardy, Italy
Died: 10/15/2014, Turin, Piedmont, Italy
Giorgio Rebuffi’s western – cartoon:
Sceriffo Fox – 1948 [cartoonist]

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