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RIP Ingvar Kjellson

Ingvar Kjellson is dead
By Emma Lofgren
December 20, 2014
A "unque" voice has been silenced and one of the largest Swedish actors has passed away. Ingvar
Kjellson have fallen asleep, 91 years old. "He should have gotten a lot more recognition than he actually did," says Kristina Calm DN.
Low-key, discreet and warm. Ingvar Kjellson will be remembered as one of the biggest actors. To theRoyal Dramatic Theatre, he came in 1964, and the total was over 140 roles on the national stage.
Ingvar Kjellson played in including Henrik Ibsen's "Hedda Gabler" and "The Wild Duck".
He also made contributions in the comedy and farce and directed in recent years.
- He passed away quietly at Danderyd Hospital, there was no drama, says his son Jan Kjellson to news agency TT.
Ingvar Kjellson was 91 years.
Benny Fredriksson manage Kulturhuset. He arranged Ingvar Kjell's 90th birthday at the City Theatre last year and committed Kjellson of the last great role in The Cherry Orchard at the City Theatre, directed by Erik Stubø.
- Ingvar Kjellson belongs in the true sense of the greatest actors Sweden had. He could portray all possible roles and was a true character actor.
- The heat he had burned through, in a way that made him loved and beloved by the people.
Fredriksson call Ingvar Kjellson for "an amazing person and a role model."
- He was a very shy person. Listening and empathetic and sounded rather be talking than he talked himself. He met his wife, Meta Velander when she was fourteen and he was fifteen, and they admired and respected each other all their lives.
Playwright Kristina Calm remember especially when Kjellson and his wife Meta made ​​her piece Rut and Ragnar at the City Theatre.
- It was so incredibly funny, because he belonged to the same generation as Allan Edwall, as I wrote the piece from the beginning. He was jättejättebra. He was like one of those classic actor. The generation that he and Allan Edwall and Margareta Krook belongs, it is as unique. It is really really sad, but maybe you could not ask people to live all the time. I was really sad.
Kristina Calm describes it as a great experience to work with the couple Kjellson.
- It was such an odd occurrence in any way. I saw him in all all the sets at the Royal Dramatic Theatre. He should have gotten a lot more recognition than he received. He has done many great things with Ingmar Bergman.
Yvonne Lombard played long against Ingvar Kjellson at the Stockholm City Theatre.
- He was one of the first gang, when the City Theatre was on Wallingatan. It was a close-knit bunch, a permanent ensemble unlike now, when you do not recognize anyone in the hallways. He was wonderful to play against, a very good boy. We were very good friends, I have played a lot with Meta and met him very much.
Dramatic chief dramaturge Magnus Florin remember in Ingvar Kjellson a quiet, discreet and diligent person with an incredible dramatic breadth.
- It feels like he gave his voice and body to the theater for an unimaginably long time. At the same time, he was a very discreet and quiet person with great integrity and a world of its own. He was so amazing diligent and always active, it was like he always stood on stage, in a rehearsal room or wherever with the radio or television. It is difficult to understand how he could do so very much.
Florin's personal favorite is when Kjellson did the father of the Night is the mother 1983rd
- It was an outstanding remarkable role interpretation of a father figure.
Helena Bergström played by Ingvar Kjellson in his last great role in The Cherry Orchard at the City Theatre.
- I am proud that I got to play with this fantastic actor. He took very seriously his profession, and had a pride in speaking well, to his lines already on collation, which he did in "The Cherry Orchard". I feel truly humbled the knowledge and experience he had.
- And I hope we can evaluate all this and talk about how we can preserve it for future generations. To manage this vast knowledge.
Ingvar Kjellson also did a lot of film and television. Many may remember him as the eccentric Mon Cousin in "Hedebyborna", or from movies like "Raskenstam", "Swing it, ma'am" or Lasse Åberg "The involuntary Golfer". In addition, he made his voice to characters in animated films such as Prince John in Robin Hood.
- I will remember his voice as absolutely outstanding. When I was young, I admired him. I think it was one of the actors that made me start with the theater - I was so fascinated by his voice and his way of playing, says director Tobias Theorell.
- His voice had an incredibly own connotation and was a mix between precision, clarity, and at the same time wonderful DRAG. It's one of those voices that one would immediately recognize. He was truly one of our biggest actor, I think.
KJELLSON, Ingvar (Anders Ingvar Kjell)
Born: 5/20/1923, Kärna, Östergötlands län, Sweden
Died: 12/18/2014, Djursholm, Sweden
Ingvar Kjellson’s western – actor:
Wild West Story – 1963 (judge)

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