Monday, December 8, 2014

RIP Ken Weatherwax

RIP Ken Weatherwax
By Staff
December 8, 2014
Ken Weatherwax, the actor who played Pugsley on TV’s ‘The Addams Family,” and later worked behind the scenes in movies, has died. He was 59 years old.
Weatherwax played Pugsley on the Addams Family, the popular TV series (1964-1966). His contribution has continued to maintain popularity, via reruns, with new generations of fans. Unable to find acting work after the series ended, Weatherwax returned to public school and endured mocking from other students, which he reacted to negatively. He was kicked out of several schools and enlisted in the army at age 17. He later found steady, productive work building sets for films.
Not bitter about his lack of continued acting roles, Weatherwax always recalled the Addams Family as a good experience, and as an adult was happy to be recognized by fans. He would appear at autograph shows regularly. He has appeared in Addams Family tribute shows and reunions, and also has been interviewed in documentaries about the series, and about TV during the sixties. Weatherwax has also appeared on Fox network’s “O’Reilly Factor,” discussing the difficulties he had after the series ended, and how his life turned around once he entered the army.
Weatherwax’s aunt was actress and dancer Ruby Keeler. His brother Joey Viera is an actor who, as Donald Keeler, played Porky on the first three seasons of Lassie with the late Tommy Rettig.
The social media sources indicate that Ken Weatherwax died in his sleep on Sunday morning, December 7, 2014. With his passing, the only regular cast members from The Addams Family still living are John Astin, Lisa Loring, and Felix Silla.
WEATHERWAX, Ken (Kenneth Patrick Weatherwax)
Born: 9/29/1955, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.
Died: 12/7/2014, Chula Vista, California, U.S.A.
Ken Weatherwax – actor:
Wagon Train (TV) – 1964 (stout boy)

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