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RIP Sergio Fiorentini

RIP Sergio Fiorentini 2

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By Daniela Catelli
December 12, 2014
Those who grew up in the golden age of dubbing, with the great voices whose absence
today makes us prefer the films in their original language, surely remember the Mel Brooks Spaceballs and Blazing Saddles and Gene Hackman in films such as Superman, The Birdcage or the jury.
To give them their particular character actor's the voice was Sergio Fiorentini, who died in Rome on December 10 after a long illness.
He is most associated primarily with Gene Hackman, who he dubbed in 23 films. Many actors and the characters to which he gave their voice, is an impressive list, from Bill Cosby and Max Von Sydow to British television comedian Benny Hill, and many movies and TV series with Bud Spencer.
Fiorentini had starred as an actor in the cinema, even in such recent movies such as Io, loro e Lara di Carlo Verdone , Tutti al mare, Viva l'Italia e Una famiglia perfetta. Nel giugno di quest'anno. In June this year he completed the filming of a movie still unreleased, Il mio giorno by Stephen Usardi.
On TV he voiced such series as La piovra 7 , Il maresciallo Rocca (dove era il Brigadiere Cacciapuoti) e Distretto di Polizia (il padre di Mauro, il personaggio di Ricky Memphis), of the most famous.
His was a voice that we liked a lot and that there will no longer be able to hear.
Born: 7/29/1934, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Died: 12/11/2014, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Sergio Fiorentini's westerns - voice actor:
Sting of the West – 1972 [Italian voice of Morris]
Three Musketeers of the West – 1973 [Italian voice of Chris Huerta]
Trinity, the Clown, the Guitar – 1974 [Italian voice of Mimmo Poli
Take a Hard Ride – 1975 [Italian voice of Harry Carey, Jr.]
California – 1977 [Italian voice of unknown character]
Silver Saddle – 1977 [Italian voice of Philippe Hersent]
Tex and the Lord of the Deep – 1985 [Italian voice of Hugo Blanco]
They Call Me Renegade – 1987 [Italian voice of Donal Hodson]
Troublemakers – 1994 [Italian voice of Bud Spencer]

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