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RIP Udo Jurgens

Singer and entertainer Udo Jürgens has died at 80 years old
The Standard
By Karl Curse
December 21, 2014
Udo Jürgens was one of the biggest stars and entertainers German speaking countries. His music accompanied several generations. Now he died 80 years old.
Just as he was still there. On 30th of September he was 80, and the album that he released this year, headlined the midst of life. This one took him off without a hint of a doubt. Udo Jürgens was the epitome of resilience. He seemed to be one where the age could not harm much. Well, the hair was dyed, but otherwise he was a seemingly never-ending energy beam whose concerts every time the two-hour mark blew as if it were half my age. Now, one of the largest and most successful musician and entertainer of the German-speaking world has died of heart failure.
The illusion of Unverwüsstlichkeit was a work and a career owed for the post-war period in this country is no comparison. Born in 1934 in Klagenfurt as Udo Jürgen Bockelmann he got from the great war just as much with that he earned him a permanent hearing loss, as he cashed a slap in the Hitler Youth.
World Stars and Song Contest
At 16, he won his first prize as a young composer, his first appearances he made as Udo Bolan band. In the 1960s, his career came in a roundabout journey. At that time he composed for Shirley Bassey Reach for the Stars, which was a worldwide hit for them. Jürgens had gone to the United States, had the Nachkriegsmief his home turned his back and played in New York with black musicians jazz. Back in Austria, he tried several times a song contest. Three attempts needed it, then in 1966, he took first place with Merci Chérie.
As a result Udo Jürgens was a superstar of the hit song. Although he did not like the idea, but he rarely escaped him. After all, Udo Jürgens could take credit for that, he enriched the tray to content that had not known the shallow ideal world genre before. He went on philistine funny (in this honorable house), sang in red poppy on drugs flowers and came back with Go and multiply in Bavaria even on the index, after church officials had excited about this song about overpopulation.
As they made their money but without the Udo Jürgens fans. This actually took to the streets, to hear her on the radio Udo. That was in the 1980s, and Jürgens was then already an institution. A bon vivant whose main residence is in Switzerland. He drove Rolls Royce, had comfortable secondary residences and enjoyed all the amenities that life brings with it a star. Four children from three mothers were a Kollateralsegen this lifestyle, stood to the Jürgens wholeheartedly: "Women love after all greyhounds."
Big wide world and Terry cloth
His albums were self-perpetuating, his songs were burning in the collective memory of several generations: But please with cream, with 66 years, 17 years, blonde hair, Greek wine or banners volatile Buenos Dias Argentina, which he had in 1978 written for the German national team, what is Austria of post retaliated in Cordoba.
Udo Jürgens is in his life composed over 1000 songs and have sold over 100 million records. He has title for Frank Sinatra written, sung by Sammy Davis Jr.. Around him the aura of the big wide world even then, when he jovially step at the end of his concerts in white terry cloth jacket for addition and it looked like the dad after Sonntagsbad. A mesh with effect. The ladies screamed, the men he seemed harmless. It made him a star next door. Somehow halt.
Small and big hopes
Finally, he sang so delightfully yes traceable songs. He formulated his music in small and large hopes and delivered with the guarantee that it's okay to indulge his dreams. Through his art he accompanied millions of people who went, as he said, a little way with them. The tied a huge audience for decades in him that made him unique in this country. "Real Stars are people who have accompanied a part of our lives with their art. They are annoyed about it every now and then, some find it horrible, but for the songs we have also recognized our time. This hand-in-hand with walking the audience, which is a value that is not just about out of the hat, "says Jürgens 2006 STANDARD . That does not sound modest, but it was true.
Collection attempts by politicians he resisted and rejected as a citizen of the world, the small of his spiritual Carinthian from openly. Even with feminism he made his peace. He said in an interview with the STANDARD five years ago that he now prefers to Alice Schwarzer was going to a good discussion than to make young ladies the yard. Thank you for the flowers.
With the times, man changes. And now he's gone. On Sunday Udo Jürgens is 80-year-old died in a Swiss hospital of heart failure. Previously, he collapsed while walking. This gave his management in a press release announced.
JURGENS, Udo (Udo Jürgen Bockelmann)
Born: 9/30/1934, Schloß Ottmanach, Carinthia, Austria
Died:12/21/2014, Münsterlingen, Switzerland
Udo Jurgens western – composer:
Montana Trap – 1975

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