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RIP Ivan Jullien

RIP Ivan Jullien
By Jean-Yves Chaperon
Death of Ivan Jullien, lord of the French jazz
Trumpet player, but especially arranger and conductor, this man was one of those who have contributed to the quality of French jazz, mainly since the early 70s he has died at the age of 80 years. The Jazz Time pays tribute to him.
At the head of a big band, Ivan Jullien like a thick sound knead dough but never heavy, to express in his music the finest nuances, the most dazzling features. We remember in particular its Porgy & Bess by Gershwin version, recorded in 1971 with Eddy Louiss the organ, but André Ceccarelli, Michel Graillier, Jean-Louis Chautemps Jacky Samson, Bernard Lubat and all these great talents who built the French jazz at that time.
You could feel his deep imprint in the sound field of his music, always ample, both dynamic and delicate. He had worked with Claude Nougaro, Henry Salvador, Charles Aznavour, Nicole Croisille, many others, and also to a lot of film music.
We received Ivan Jullien in one of our programs devoted to big bands. I remember a charming man, smiling, full of humility, happy to talk about his work, and evoke memories.
We will honor him greatly in the program "Hour of Jazz" Sunday January 11th.
JULLIEN, Ivan (Yvan Jullien)
Born: 10 27/1934, Vincennes, Île-de-France, France
Died: 1/3/2015, Etampes, Île-de-France, France
Ivan Jullien’s western – music arranger:
Another Man, Another Chance - 1969

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