Thursday, January 29, 2015

RIP Vanj Orico

Dies in Rio actress Vanja Orico, the 'Cangaço Cycle muse'
She struggled against bowel cancer and had multiple organ failure.
Actress was the only Brazilian to work with Italian director Frederico Fellini.
Do Gi Rio
She died on Wednesday (28) in Rio, after 85 years, the singer, actress and filmmaker Vanja Orico. Affected by Alzheimer's, she still struggled against bowel cancer and was hospitalized since 11 January. The funeral is scheduled for this Thursday (29), at 16h, in St. John the Baptist Cemetery, South Zone of Rio.
Vanja was designed in the art scene in 1953 when interpreting the music Woman Lacemaker, movie theme The Cangaceiro, Lima Barreto. She ended up being consecrated as the Muse "Cangaço Cycle", and participated in films like Lantern, The King's Cangaço and Jesuíno Bright, the bandit.
The Rio de Janeiro artist participated in more than 20 films and was the only Brazilian actress to work with the filmmaker Federico Fellini, in the 50s, in the movie "Luci del varietà" ("Women and Lights").
Vanja also had notable participation during the military dictatorship. She was arrested and tortured after stopping the action of police during the student's funeral Edson Luiz, killed by repression. "Do not shoot, we're all Brazilians," would have screamed Vanja to police the system.
ORICO, Vanja (Evangelina Orico)
Born: 11/15/1929, Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Died: 1/28/2015, Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Vana Orico’s westerns – actress:
Cangaciero – 1953 (Maria Clodia)
Lampiao, King of the Badlands – 1965
Cangacieros de Lampiao – 1967 (Mariana)
Jesuíno Brilhante, o Cangaceiro – 1972 (Maria de Goes)

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