Thursday, February 26, 2015

RIP Héctor Carrión

Héctor Carrion, a member of the Hermanos Carrion dies.


Hector Carrion, a member of the group Los Hermanos Carrion died in Mexico City this January 30 after suffering a heart attack, according to information revealed in Mexican media and some social networking accounts.

 The member of the group Heriberto Estrada, said Carrion was in sitting in an armchair around 14:30 hours, at home, when the event, which ensures took them by surprise occurred since Hector was not sick, they revealed the fife band the Mexican newspaper El Universal.

In social networking groups like the Locos del Ritmo or singers like Manoella Torres, expressed their condolences on the sad news of this game.

Los Hermanos Carrion were active and, as Heriberto Estrada, had a show scheduled in the Teatro Blanquita Mexico City on February 14.

The band, which formed in 1958, released his first studio album in 1960 and Hector joined it in 1961, when the lineup was left without a bassist.

CARRIÓN Héctor (Héctor Enrique Carrión Samaniego)
Born: 1939, Mexico
Died: 1/30/2015, Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico

Héctor Carrión’s westerns – actor:
Vuelve el texano – 1966
‘Gatillo Veloz’ en ‘Los Malditos’ – 1966
El secreto del texano – 1966
Martin Fierro – 1968 (soldier)
Por mis pistolas – 1968 (Jimmy)

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