Monday, March 2, 2015

RIP Camilo Medina

Colombian actor Camilo Medina has died

He represented the Cacique Miranda on 'Weeds'.  He died at age 85.

El Tiempo
March 1, 2015

The actor Camilo Medina, remembered for his character Miranda in the production Cacique 'Weeds' (Caracol, 1982), died Sunday in Bogota on March, at age 85.

Medina, born in Ibagué, died of cardiac arrest in Colombia Clinic in Bogotá, according to his wife Amira Calderón de Medina.  "He died at about 10am.  He was hospitalized since last Monday.  We went to a doctor's appointment and the doctor found him agitated and tachycardia, so he ordered his hospitalization "he said.  However, on Sunday morning I had a relapse.

Medina arrived in Bogotá in 1951 to study painting at the National University and began his career with toggle acting classes, graduating in 1956 as a teacher in painting and drawing teacher.

His entry into the television was in 1957 and participated in productions such as 'CANDO', 'The wall of silence', 'Achilles Revenge', 'The Betrothed' and 'Requiem for a scoundrel'.

But it was the Cacique Miranda in Weed (John Gossaín), the character that gave him great recognition, characterization of a man who ventures into the world of marimbera bonanza and is also leading a vendetta against the family who murders his father.

About 20 years ago, Medina definitely left the television to pursue his passion, painting and held exhibitions both at home and abroad.  In interviews said his work as an actor was a last stage.

With his wife Amira, also a painter, Medina was married 50 years.  "We had two sons, Ricardo and Fernando, two great artists," said Mrs. Calderon de Medina.

On Sunday night, the family finalizing details of his funeral.

MEDINA, Camilo
Born: 1929 Ibague, Colombia
Died: 3/1/2015, Bogota, Colombia

Camilo Medina’s western – actor:
Aguileo venganza – 1968 (Carra Cortada)

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