Friday, March 6, 2015

RIP Lynn Borden

RIP Lynn Borden

Los Angeles Times
March 6, 2015

March 24, 1937 - March 3, 2015 Lynn Borden, a talented Actress, Model and Artist, has passed away peacefully after an extended illness at the age of 77. Lynn was born in Michigan, but the family soon moved to Tucson Arizona where she went on to make a large circle of life long friends and family. During her college years, Lynn won "Miss Arizona" 1957 and was runner up in in the Miss America pageant that year. After college, Lynn began modeling before going on to a career in Hollywood as an actress on the screen, stage and television. She had starring roles in the movies, "Frogs", "Breezy", and "Walking Tall, to name a few. In addition, Lynn had a leading role in the 1960's TV series, "Hazel." Her final role was on the TV drama, CSI New York. Lynn was also gifted as a fine artist painter, and had her work showcased in art galleries around the country. She also enjoyed singing, and was honored to go with her church choir to Italy to give a performance for the Pope at the Vatican. She is survived by her loving husband of 33 years, Roger Brunelle, and her brother Steve Freyse of Tucson Arizona.

Born: 3/24/1933, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
Died: 3/3/2015, Encino, California U.S.A.

Lynn Borden’s westerns – stuntwoman, actress:
Gunfight at OK Corral – 1957 [stunts]
The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid – 1972 (Kate’s girl)
Centennial (TV) – 1979 (Vesta Volkema)


  1. Would be nice to see some of Lynn Borden's paintings and video of her singing and to know what she was doing with her life from the 1980s to about 2013. How many children did she have and are they all alive? So much to know about this captivating woman but fans seem to know nothing.

  2. Was Lynn Borden a stunt woman or actress in Centennial (TV) – 1979 (Vesta Volkema)"

  3. The IMDb credits her only as an actress in Centennial.

  4. When I saw Lynn Borden appear in Centennial, had me wondering where I had seen her before. And it was from the series "Hazel"!!! Very distinctive voice, and she was wonderful in Centennial as Vesta Volkema, with her "chalk and over age 21", land grabbing tricks.

  5. I still watch Lynn Borden on Hazel. She was such a pretty lady. Good actress!