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RIP Lukács Bicskey

Lukács Bicskey has died

Deadly Disease struggled Luke Bicskey struggled against a deadly disease. He played the psycho in the Argo movies. Due to the speed of the actor’s disease treated he was recently in hospitalized and died on Wednesday at dawn. He was fifty-three years old.

Bicskey’s colleagues were worried for some time now, when he canceled all performances in November last year, and had to be replaced in the New Theatre.

Great Shakespearean roles

Bicskey was especially remembered for his roles in Shakespeare where he performed great classic roles as Romeo, Iago or Macbeth.

He was born on May 11, 1961 in Szeged. Registered in the name of Karoly, but took great-grandfather, Lukács’ name, as Lukács was a founding member of the Bicskey Veszprém Petőfi Theatre has been a member of the acting troupe. He mainly played dramatic roles in theater, and in 1996 the US and British filmmakers discovered his distinctive face.

Filmmaker face

When I first played in American films, I could not speak English. Film about the beginning of his career so he told in an interview:

.. "18 years of unemployment, I applied to an agency in two days the photos were seen and I told them I did not speak the language but did not want to let go so I got a different role, which it did not have to speak. Charles Manson, the cult serial killer I created "This battle was the action movie was over the bay, which was one of the starring Rutger Hauer.

Later, I is always given the role of the villain. I have worked with celebrities such as Ornella Muti, Tom Berenger, Donald Sutherland, Christopher Lambert and Whoopi Goldberg. The partially shot in Hungary historical adventure film The Eagle with Channing Tatum and Jamie Bell played the main role of the two, a druid Bicskey formed in it.

He often assumed dubbing roles of many foreign blockbuster actors he lent his voice. Most memorable works include the synchronization of Jar Jar Binks was The Phantom Menace Star Wars movie.

His most famous role

Most people in the Argo Pszichójaként fixed Bicskey Luke. The character has gained great popularity after the premiere of the first part, so there was no question moment to re-appear in the second part.

BICSKEY, Lukács (Karoly Bicskey)
Born: 5/11/1961, Szeged, Hungary
Died: 4/8/1915, Budapest, Hungary

Lukács Bicskey’s western – actor:
No Hero Here – 2014 (Melon)

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