Sunday, May 17, 2015

RIP Elias Gleizer

Actor Elijah Gleizer dies aged 81

He died on Saturday (16) in Rio, circulatory failure.
His most recent role was in the soap opera 'Boogie Oogie'.

The actor Globo Elias Gleizer died aged 81 on Saturday (16) in Rio.

He was admitted to the Hospital Copa D'Or, in Copacabana, from May 6 and died circulatory failure due to trauma.  He suffered a fall and the picture has worsened.

No information about the funeral.  An actor's sister who lives in São Paulo is on its way from Rio to arrange the details.  He never married or had children.

Elias was born on January 4, 1934, in São Paulo, son of Polish Jewish immigrants, shoemaker father and a homemaker mother.

In fact, Elijah did not;  to tell her given name, usually it needs to repeat the same story as always: "When I'm in a public office at the time of delivery of the document, they start: 'Pedro de Oliveira, Antonio de Souza, Joaquim Gonçalves ...' When realize a two-minute break, I say: 'I am'.  My name is Ilicz.  I often say that there were only three Ilicz in the world:. Ilytch Tchaikovsky, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin and Ilicz Gleizer "( read the full profile on the site Memory Globe )

He worked in theater and film, but devoted himself on television.  The actor's career began in the late 1950s in the former TV Tupi.  The latest paper Elias Gleizer in novels was in "Boogie Oogie," 2014. The actor was also in dozens of productions, including the novels "Modern Times," "Passage to India", "Pé na Jaca", "Sinha girl "," My Dream ", among others.

GLEIZER, Elias (Globo Elias Gleizer)
Born: 1/4/1934, São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
Died: 5/16/2015, Rio de Janiero, Rio de Janiero, Brazil

Elias Gleizer’s western – actor:
Bang Bang (TV) – 2005 (Bispo)

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