Wednesday, May 27, 2015

RIP Nevin Akkaya

Nevin Akkaya has died

Tiyatro Dunyasi

Thespian and Nevin Akkaya of Turkish cinema's most famous voice actor died.  Akkaya in many films was the name that the Turkan Soray the voice.

Born in 1919 from the artist Turkan Soray Soygazi to Hale, Nariman until the desired Okay Koksal gave life to the sound of many artists.  Turkan Soray Akkaya signature has more than 50 films.

Akkaya's funeral Tuesday at 10.00 at Harbiye Muhsin Ertugrul Stage will be held after the ceremony to send off to infinity Teşvikiye Mosque.

In 1937 came the Istanbul City Theatre.  Muhsin Ertugrul established by the Small Stage (1951-52).  Actors in 1959 appeared on the scene in the city.  In 1952 he left the theater with Tariq Gürcan married.  After many theater artists the voice of Akkaya 1960 did voice-over work only.  Doing voice-over work until the 1990s Akkaya, his voice close to 500 films.

Born: 7/29/1916, Istanbul, Turkey
Died: 4/5/2015, Instanbul, Turkey

Nevin Akkaya’s westerns – voice actress:
Zorro Kamcili Suvari – 1969 [Turkish voice of Nebahat Cehre]
Zagor – 1970 [Turkish voice of Nukhet Egeli]
Dag Kurdu – 1973 [Turkish voice of Nolan Col]

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