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RIP Anthony Sydes

RIP Anthony Sydes

Demaine Funeral Home
June 2015

Tom "Anthony" grew up as a child actor in North Hollywood, California with his mother and father, Ruth and Thomas William, his sisters, Carol and Debbie, and his brother Jonathan. Tom was credited with 34 acting roles to include Miracle on 34th Street, Sitting Pretty, Cheaper by the Dozen, Shadow on the Wall, Claudia and David and The Song of Love.

Tom enlisted in the Army in 1963. He attended Officer Candidate School and served two tours in Vietnam, tours in Italy and Germany. Tom was a decorated combat veteran with Bronze Stars, Vietnam Gallantry Cross with Silver Star, Commendation Medals with Valor, Air Medals, National Defense Service Medal and a Purple Heart. Tom had a successful career and retired after twenty years of service.

Tom started a successful auction business, A&A Auction Gallery, in Santa Cruz, California. The business is still operating today. He also started an auction college to train future auctioneers and was a member of the National Auctioneers Association. Tom sold real estate and was a property broker in North Carolina and southern California.

Tom is survived by his three children: Elise, Tom Jr. and Tiffany. He is a grandfather to nine grandchildren. He was married to Ann for 30 years and sweet on Sybil for the last two.

SYDES, Anthony (Thomas Anthony Sydes)
Born: 5/4/1941, North Hollywood, California, U.S.A.
Died: 6/20/2015, Springfield, Virginia U.S.A.

Anthony Sydes westerns – actor:
The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok (TV) – 1951, 1952 (Ned Gorman, Bobby)
Hopalong Cassidy (TV) – 1953 (Billy Murdock)
The Lone Ranger (TV) – 1954 (Tommy Denton)
Gunsmoke in Tucson – 1958 (Young Brazos)

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