Tuesday, June 2, 2015

RIP Florentino Soria

RIP Florentino Soria

Florentino Soria, historic member of the Spanish cinema has died


He was a screenwriter, actor and director of Spanish films.

A historic figure of the Spanish cinema, Florentino Soria, has just died at the age of 97 years.  He born in Gijón in 1917 and although he graduated in direction and became part of that group he actually didn’t serve as such, except for some short films he made.  In his career he alternated script writing, teaching, administrative and policy of Spanish cinema management, history lessons and at the end, interpretation, as came to intervene in “La escopeta nacional”, “Nacional III”  and “Moros y cristianos”.

The facet of writer was the most cultivated.  So it is to his credit "Calabuch" (Luis Garcia Berlanga), "La vida alrededor" (Fernando Fernan Gomez), "Descoyuntadas" (Pedro Lazaga), "El vagabundo y la esterlla" (Matthew Cano), "La cera virgen" (Jose Maria I invaded) or "La orilla" (Luis Lucia).  At the same time he was an academic assistant principal at the Official Film School and a deputy general manager of Film and Theatre. From 1970-1984 he was director of the Spanish Cinematheque making it a great work. In 1996 would receive the gold medal of the Academy of Cinema.

SORIA, Florentino
Born: 6/?/1917, Gijon, Asturias, Spain
Died: 6/2/2015, Madrid, Madrid, Spain

Florentino Soria's western - screenwriter:
Sabata the Killer - 1970

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