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RIP Laura Antonelli

Dead Laura Antonelli, the sexy icon of Malizia died of a heart attack at age 73

Spettacoli e Cultura
June 22, 2015

Laura Antonelli has died of a heart attack at her home in Ladispoli, where she lived alone for about ten years.  It is not yet clear the date of death: the last to see her was her caregiver last Friday.

"She was found in the dining room - said the commissioner for social services of the Municipality of Ladispoli Roberto Usai - the caregiver, then came the 118 who established her death, and then the police.  The court ruled that there will be an autopsy.. "

Laura Antonelli reached the pinnacle of popularity in the seventies and eighties, working first in erotic films and then in art films.

The success for Antonelli arrived in 1973 with the role of the sensual maid "Malizia" Salvatore Samperi.  The film scooped the box office and became a cult classic of the genre, promoting the beautiful actress for "sexy icon".  For that role she won the Silver Ribbon for the Best Actress and the Golden Globe for the best actress revelation prize in the foreign press. Following alternate arthouse films to focus on her. The headlines was the story between Antonelli and the French actor Jean Paul Belmondo, which lasted nine years.

A career ruined by drugs: the night of April 27, 1991, when in his villa in Cerveteri are found 36 grams of cocaine.  The actress was arrested and taken to Rebibbia (Rome), and was sentenced in first instance to three years and six months in prison for drug dealing.

After the flop of the remake of Malizia, in 2000, the Antonelli was no longer able to find roles and lived in an uncomfortable situation.  She had been a friend of Lino Banfi’s who made an appeal for her, explaining that she lived on a pension of 510 Euros per month, with the gifts of the parish and a benefactor.  But she was not interested in being helped.  "The life of this interests me most," she said.

The friend Lino Banfi was also among the three people who she had asked to be called when she died: besides him, Claudia Koll and the pastor of Ladispoli.  Among her last wishes was to be buried at Ladispoli, where she had bought a burial niche.

 The funeral, said the commissioner for social services of the Municipality of Ladispoli Roberto Ussia, "I believe will be postponed until Thursday or Friday because we have to wait for the arrival of her brother Claudio from Canada.  The legal protection of the City, in fact, ends with the death of her brother and then will determine the time and manner. " The body of Laura Antonelli was transferred to the mortuary of the city cemetery waiting to be decided on the date of any funeral.  This morning in via Naples, in front of the apartment building where she lived for over twenty years the famous icon of erotic cinema of the 1970s, a few people paid homage to the artist.

 And Antonelli will be entitled to a place of culture in the town a few kilometers from Rome.  "We will call for a cultural memory to Laura Antonelli."  He does know, in a statement, the municipal administration of Ladispoli that expresses "Its deepest sympathy for the death of Laura Antonelli, our illustrious compatriot, who left us last night at her home in via Napoli."

ANTONELLI, Laura (Laura Antonaz)
Born: 11/28/1941, Pola, Istria, Italy
Died: 6/22/2015, Ladispoli, Rome, Lazio, Italy

Laura Antonelii’s western – actress:
A Man Called Sledge - 1971 (Ria)

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