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RIP Pierre Brice

RIP Pierre Brice

Frantfurter Allgemeine
June 6, 2015

Pierre Brice died on Saturday in a French hospital.  The actor, who played the role of his life with Karl Mays Winnetou, was 86 years old.  Brice died as a result of pneumonia.

Pierre Brice is dead. The French actor and "Winnetou" actor died on Saturday in a French hospital, told the management and the lawyer of the actor.  Pierre Brice was 86 years old.

Brice became famous in Germany, especially as "Winnetou".  The novel hero of Karl May was the role of his life.  In the sixties he played him a total of eleven times.  His first appearance was born in Brest actor 1962 "Treasure of Silver Lake".  Ten million people saw the film in Germany alone.  His Filmtod sparked a wave of protests from 1965, then the Indians could rise again for a short time.  The film series ended in 1968. In his native France Brice was hardly known.  The connection to Germany was tight, not only because of its many fans, his wife Hella comes from Bavaria.

He had actually had no desire to play an Indian, Brice once told that figure but then equipped with their own ideas as to look into the distance, or sweeping arm motion welcome.

After the "Winnetou" series took Brice larger roles in Italian and French cinema and TV films.  With the end of his film career Brice returned mid-seventies back to Winnetou role, both on television and on stage.  The WDR 1980, sent 14-part series "Mein Freund Winnetou", in which the Indians and their living conditions should be placed at the center.  From 1996, the ZDF turned in Spain two new Winnetou films titled "Winnetou's return".  Brice wrote parts of the script.

As Winnetou actor Brice worked many years with at the Karl May Festival in Elspe / Sauerland and Bad Segeberg.

Brice, who actually is Pierre Louis Baron de Bris said, he felt privately the values ​​his character committed.  That was the reason that he had for almost forty years played the famous Indian figure, he once said.  After a losing a bet in the ZDF show "Wetten dass ...?" Brice organized in 1995 around a fundraiser for the people devastated by the civil war Bosnia and Herzegovina.

 A "bit naive," were the "Winnetou" films indeed been already, Brice said once elsewhere.  But the Germans had longed for the war to values ​​such as peace, freedom and human dignity.

 In the parody "Manitou's Shoe" by Michael "Bully" Herbig understood Brice was no fun: This is "nonsense", he summoned scarce.

BRICE, Pierre (Pierre Louis Baron de Bris)
Born: 2/6/1929, Brest, Brittany, France
Died: 6/6/2015, Paris, Île-de-France, France

Pierre Brice’s westerns – actor:
The Treasure of Silver Lake – 1962 (Winnetou)
Apache Gold - 1963 (Winnetou)
Samson and the Slave Queen – 1963 (Ramon/Zorro)
Shatterhand – 1963 (Winnetou)
Frontier Hellcat - 1964 (Winnetou)
Last of the Renegades – 1964 (Winnetou)
The Desperado Trail - 1965 (Winnetou)
Flaming Frontier - 1965 (Winnetou)
A Place Called Glory – 1965 (Reese)
Rampage at Apache Wells – 1965 (Winnetou)
The Half-Breed - 1966 (Winnetou)
Thunder at the Border – 1966 (Winnetou)
The Man With the Long Gun – 1968 (Winnetou)
A Cry of Death - 1971 (Campanita/’Little Bell’/Barrett)
Denn sie kennen kein Erbarmen - Der Italowestern (TV) - 2005 [himself]
Wie Winnetou nach NRW kam – 2011 [himself]
Winnetou Trilogy (TV) – 2016 (Winnetou’s father)

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