Sunday, July 5, 2015

RIP Ivan Palúch

RIP Ivan Paluch

Another blow to Slovakia, actor Ivan Paluch has died.

After he left us this week Hronec Ladislav native Chudík, Slovakia losing another great actor Ivan Palúch.

Ivan Paluch only recently celebrated his 75th birthday and the film pavement in front of the Bratislava City Theatre Hviezdoslav was unveiled a commemorative tile. On Friday, however, the whole of Slovakia was hit by harsh report on the death of the actor who portrayed the character Prince Bajaj and the legendary Adam Sangala.

Ivan Paluch was born June 20, 1940 in Zvolen.  Later he studied acting, but due to illness had to leave school after two years. He continued acting, however, and in 1960s became a member of the theater in Ves, later in Drama Theatre Jonah Záborského in Prešov, Jozef Gregor Tajovského in Zvolen and in Prague theater on the Balustrade.  He was an especially famous movie actor, and is entered in the history of several foreign productions.  His next career, however, strongly influenced by the socialist regime, which he opposed and was gradually forced to leave his career when no offers for stage or films were allowed. He was committed to the freedom of Slovakia during the events of November 1989. Most of the actor's life is linked to Banska Bystrica, where he lived for years, and was one of the founders of the Academy of Arts. He was awarded a Lifetime Achievement by the Chamber of the Czech Television in 2011.

Born: 6/20/1940, Zvolen, Slovenia
Died: 7/3/2015, Martin, Slovakia

Ivan Palúch’s westerns – actor:
A Canyon Full of Gold - 1971 (Tom)
Escape from Gold Country (TV) – 1977 (Jim)
Cesta na jihozápad - 1989 (Jeff)

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