Sunday, August 23, 2015

RIP Kip Turner

RIP Kip Turner

Will O. Creek

Growing up, every little boy dreams of being a Cowboy! Well, they Really Do Exist!

To be a "True" Cowboy means that one believes in God, Family, Brotherhood, and taking care of Others before himself. Kip Turner, aka "Brazos", was that Cowboy!

To loose a Cowboy means that we mourn. It means that we Pray! Unexpectedly, 2 nights ago, August 21st, for an unknown reason, we Lost Our Hero, Our Cowboy, and a Legend!

After spending the day with his beautiful new Bride Debbie, they went to bed early because they had a show to perform with The Legends of Texas in the Ft. Worth Stockyards to do the next morning. A few minutes later, Kip fell out of the bed for some reason. Debbie thought maybe he got his feet tangled in the sheets or something, trying to get up to go get a drink. However, after a few seconds, she heard no movement from Kip's side of the bed. She went to his side of the bed immediately and started CPR and called 911. After help arrived, Debbie immediately called Jill (Mazzella), Kip's only sister. Jill is, as most of you know, a huge part of the Will-O-Creek Band, and we were on stage at a gig, and Bless her heart, had to be told during a gig that her Only remaining family member, much less her Loving Brother, had just Passed!

Kip  was a member of The Legends Of Texas for numerous years along with Many other Societies in the Fort Worth Stockyards. If you ever had the pleasure of watching the cattle drive down Main Street and then the Real Life Gunfight reenactment afterwards, This was where Kip showed his passion for preserving the Legacy and Heritage of the Old West. He loved being a part of the smiles on the childrens as well as adults faces throughout the reenactments.

Kip Turner, along with his Brothers in The Legends of Texas, has given So Much for so many years to charities such as the Autism Society by performing in their Parade, the Special Olympics, again by Performing and raising money for the children.

Unfortunately, when your work is to Entertain the thousands of people that visit your Historic City, and to perform for Children's charitable causes, or to work on a foundation that supports the former Texas Rangers, (not baseball my friends!), then the Last thing you have is Insurance! Of Any kind.

TURNER, Kip (Gary Mark Dickinson)
Born: 1955, Fort Worth, Texas, U.S.A.
Died: 8/21/2015, Arlington, Texas, U.S.A.

Kip Turner’s westerns – actor:
Hell’s Fury: Wanter Dead or Alive – 2009 (freightwagon shotgun)
Shroud – 2009 (cowboy)
Four Horses – 2010 (Damien)
The Platinum Peacemaker – 2010 (cowboy)
Waterhole, Texas – 2011 (Comanchero)
Jail Wagon – 2014 (busineman)
Headin’ For Texas – 2015 (Waco)

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