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RIP László Sinkó

Laszlo Sinko has died

By Koncz Tamas, Jankovics Marton


Laszlo Sinko has died, the nation's artist awarded the title Kossuth and Jászai Mari-winning actor, director. He participated in the founding of the Katona József Theatre, since 2003 he was a member of the National Theatre. The viewers of the Neighbourhood Funds have known, but he was Anthony Hopkins Hungarian voice.

 "I color outside the family and the house I live with my love of nature for 25 years in Budakalász, the mountain every tree, shrub I planted." - told this spring gave an interview Laszlo Sinko.

Budakalasz today told the official community site that the actor died on 31 July. At the age of 75 leaving Sinko Laszlo was a life member of the Immortals Society, and in 2014 was chosen artist of the Nation.

His family was in the theater and his love of nature
Also learned a lot from his brother

In 1962, he graduated from the Film and Theatre Academy, which contracted to Debrecen. He later became a member of the National Theatre, where it played for a while with his brother, Imre Sinkovits together.

"Most of the people there committed the mistake of looking for identity in us, but we were completely different, Imre water and fire. Taught me the love of nature, his first trip took me to the Pilis. In the theater I learned from him how to prepare a rehearsal performance "- said the actor's relationship with his brother.

Laszlo Sinko  in1982 participated in the founding of the Katona József Theatre in Budapest, where he spent 12 seasons. Later, in the New Theatre, then in 2003 he became a member of the National Theatre troupe.

One famous convert the soldier was the main role of King Ubu. In the March interview, he also told me how seriously made theatrical roles:

"If at night I played, my wife already has compiled the diet. I would soon be there. The Übünél was this rite. At six o'clock we sat down on the floor of the stage, the" zenekaruramék "Szacsvay, Border Castle, Vajdai Bill and the others, we sang all kinds of songs so I warming up with. My body is trained on Margaret Island, two years before he went to pieces, I left to run, and there I put my voice to Ubu fekvésébe. With deep guttural practiced, I saw fish inarticulate sounds while running, he saw this, he elcsodálkozhatott. The növendékeimnek also taught that we should prepare themselves fairly, because they will be confident in their play. "

Only the greatest poem they could say, as he did. Here Kosztolányi Dear poem chants.
Step One and a half million

In addition to theatrical work is featured in several well-known television program, Árpád Juhász made ​​a half million with the educational step program in Hungary, but the novel is full of Neighbors noticed more than one part, you Etus a friend or developed.

Typical organ benefited the roles are well synchronized. The cult cartoon Cat Grabowskinak voiced by Nick, but foreign actors are often translated to the domestic audience.

"I synchronized a lot. I was so identified certain players, such as Roger Moore in Ivanhoe and
once remarked in a rural pub to see how well I ride and will fight "

In an interview he said. Many times sounded in films, Gene Hackman, Jack Nicholson and even Anthony Hopkins he synchronized over ten films.

In 2011, he was made an honorary citizen title Budakalász Budakalász and living artist honored by the representative body of the city.

SINKO, László (László Sinkóvits)
Born: 3/18/1940, Budapest, Hungary
Died: 7/31/2015 Budakalász, Hungary

László Sinkó’s westerns – voice actor:
Shalako – 1968 [Hungarian voice of Peter van Eyck]
Tecumseh – 1972 [Hungarian voice of unknown actor]

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