Monday, August 10, 2015

RIP Thomas Schüler

Thomas Schüler, Winnetou actor has died 1976 – 1980

On the night of August 9th Thomas Schüler died after a long illness. The 1948-born actor appeared as Winnetou at the Karl May Festival in Bad Segeberg from 1976 to 1980 In the season 1978, he served as Kiamil in the last Segeberger Orient staging seen "Through Wildest Kurdistan". Schüler, had worked seasonally since 2007 in "Pullman City" as a show rider and presenter until 2007 was the only "Winnetou" performer at Bad Segeberg, who has played the Apache shirtless. He appeared together with Chris Howland, Claus Wilcke, Raimund Harmstorf, Gerhart Lippert & Charles Elkins on stage.

Schüler graduated after the years 1968-1970 from Kraus Drama School in Vienna and was an apprentice at the Theater an der Josefstadt which he attended from 1970-1972 and in Rome. He worked in various TV productions and at various theaters as an actor and director. By 1997, he operated in the United States at a film agency and managed his former girlfriend Tanja Schumann (2000 in Bad Segeberg as Rosalie Ebersbach to see RTL Samstag Nacht).

In 2010 he celebrated his comeback at the Karl May Festival in Gföhl. Directed by Frederick Grud he played the chief villain "Dr. Jonathan Hartley ". Although the production drew little enthusiasm in the circles of Karl May fans, students evaluated the former ensemble by his experience and joy of theater enormously. In various media reports, he was regarded as the "star" of the ensemble. In the animated series "Winnetoons" He was also heard as a voice of the character, "Matto-Sih".

Born: 1948, Germany
Died: 8/9/2015, Germany

Thomas Schüler’s westerns – actor, voice actor:
Karl May Festival Bad Segeberg - Winnetou 1 – 1976 (Winnetou)
Karl May Festival Bad Segeberg – The Black Mustang - 1977 (Winnetou)
Karl May Festival Bad Segeberg – Old Firehand - 1979 (Winnetou)
Karl May Festival Bad Segeberg – Valley of Death - 1980 (Winnetou)
WinneToons (TV) – 2002 [German voice of Matto-Sih]
WinneToons: The World of Karl May – 2002 [German voice of Matto-Sih]
The Treasure of Silver Lake [theater presentation - 2010 (Dr. Jonathan Hartley)

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