Saturday, September 5, 2015

RIP Alan Steel

Goodbye to Sergio Ciani, the Alan Steel of Italian cinema: from Hercules Maciste

Spettacoli e Cultura
Spetember 5, 2015

Who has not seen him acting in the role of Hercules, Maciste, and other strongmen heroes in historical films of the 1960s and 1970s?  He's gone tonight Alan Steel, aka Sergio Ciani, at his home in Ostia.  And to notice his absence and ask about were just friends with whom he used to see each other at the bar and tobacco shop via the gondolas.  In two days, on September 7, he would have turned eighty.

He died in his sleep, away from film sets.  An order that has little to do with the characters he played throughout his career.

From "Hercules Unchained" to "Samson", through "Samson and the Slave Queen" and "The Invincible Three," Ciani went from being a stand-in (obtained for its powerful muscles) to that of the protagonist in the film Italian he loved the historical films.

The last film in which he participated was "Baby Love," in 1979. He then withdrew completely from the scene.

STEEL, Alan (Sergio Ciani)
Born: 9/7/1935, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Died: 9/5/2015, Ostia, Rome, Lazio, Italy

Alan Steel’s westerns – actor:
Lost Treasure of the Aztecs – 1964 (William ‘Arizona’ Smith/Samson)
Saguaro – 1968 (Pedro)
Fasthand is Still My Name – 1973 (Captain Jeff Madison/Jeff Mulligan)
Cowboy Kid – 1973 (Monty Donovan)

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