Sunday, September 13, 2015

RIP Betty Lago

Actress Betty Lago dies at age 60, in Rio de Janeiro


The actress and former model Betty Lago died at 60 on Sunday (13th) in Rio de Janeiro. She fought cancer of the gallbladder since 2012. The body of the actress will be cremated on Monday at 17th, in the Carmo Memorial in Rio.

Currently, Betty had appeared on th "Challenge in Beauty" TV program on GNT, next to the model Mariana Weickert and makeup artist Daniel Hernandez. The latest work of the actress in film was in the novel "Mortal Sin" (2014) TV Record.

Daughter of the artist, Patty Lago posted on his Instagram, this morning, a picture of the sea in Leblon and a message: "The day dawned so sad and beautiful at the same time."

Two weeks ago, Betty had published a picture on her Facebook wishing good morning to her followers. She had received treatment for cancer since April. In May this year, she talked about her coming death in an interview with UOL. "People say that so and so died of cancer. No! You die because your time has come," she said.

Early career

Betty Lago began her modeling career in the 1970s Seven years later, she went to work abroad and spent 15 years parading in countries like France, Italy and the United States.

Her first television role was in the shoes of Natalia in "Rebel Years" (1992), by Gilberto Braga. Two years later, she was already one of the protagonists of the novel "Four by Four" by Carlos Lombardi. The partnership with the author would repeat in "Mutt", "The Fifth of hell", "Hit the jackfruit" and "War and Peace".


Betty partnered in the "Beauty Challenge" in GNT, the host Mariana Weickert used his Instagram to talk about Lago’s death. "My heart is shattered by parting from my friend, my partner ... Your story, your determination, your astral and strength to live were and always will be inspiring."

Monica Walvogel, who worked with Betty in 2005 and 2010 in "Get Fair" TV program, spoke about the personality of the actress in an interview with Globo News. "With a strong personality, I would not let anyone indifferent to the side. It was like the sun, very strong in her opinions and that could also burn the whole environment around her. They admired her courage, which did not hesitate to express her opinion. It was full of grace and intensity, "said the journalist.

"... I remember her saying," Appreciate yourself, Luana! Always impose, not lower your head to these "wanna be" who think they rule. If you appreciate all do the same "- Luana Piovani, via Facebook.

"In 1994 I made a novel 4x4, met one of the models I'm most delighted at the time I still paraded and had my references;. Betty Lago met a beautiful woman, 39, self-assured, strong personality, which became a ! amazing actress, funny, with its own unique way and learned a lot from it too much "-! Cristiana Oliveira, actress, Instagram.

LAGO, Betty (Elizabeth Lago Netto)
Born: 6/24/1955, Rio de Janiero, Rio de Janiero, Brazil
Died: 9/13/2015, Rio de Janiero, Rio de Janiero, Brazil

Betty Lago’s western – actress:
Bang Bang – 2006 (Calamity Jane)

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