Friday, September 18, 2015

RIP Rosario Gálvez

Actress Rosario Gálvez has died a victim of pneumonia

September 17, 2015

She was the wife of actor and singer Luis Aguilar for 40 years.

According to her friend, actress Diana Trillo, Rosario Doblado (her real name), died this morning in a hospital after being hospitalized several days and in delicate health.

Her son, Luis Aguilar is in charge of the proceedings and is likely to have her remains veiled in a funeral at the capital on Felix Cuevas Avenue.

Although Rosario Galvez was retired, she stood out for many years in the theater, television and movie sets; In the early 1950s she took her first steps in acting, excelling in films like ‘Salón de belleza’, ‘Cuando me vaya’ y ‘La máscara de la muerte’.

Beside her marriage to singer and actor, Luis Aguilar, which lasted 40 years, she had two sons, Roberto and Luis Aguilar Doblado.

Rest in peace.

GALVEZ, Rosario (Rosario Doblado)
Born: 10/15/1926, Mexico
Died: 9/17/2015, Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico

Rosario  Gálvez’s westerns – actress:
Northern Courier – 1960
The Mask of Death – 1960
La trampa mortal – 1962 (Carmelas)
El comandante Furia – 1966
Los cuatro Juanes – 1966 (Sabina)

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