Thursday, September 3, 2015

RIP Simo Salminen


Simo Salminen 1932-2015

Multifunctional entertainer Simo Salminen will be remembered, among other things as an actor, a singer, and in particular for his films with Spede Pasanen.

Salminen was the most versatile of all entertainers in Finland. He is remembered, among other things, for a successful career in humor as a singer, as well as a decades-long career in television and as a film actor, especially alongside Spede Pasanen. His most famous character role was Sörsselssön, which Salminen starred with one exception in all the Uuno Turhapuro movies. He expressed Actor “SnowCastle” a short film, which won the Montreux Golden Rose in 1965. Salminen worked for a long time in the theater as an actor.

His actual profession was as a pastry chef. He was also a sculptor and glass artist. The original Venla statue was his creation.

SALMINEN, Simo (Simo Veli Atte Salminen)
Born: 11/8/1932, Vanaja, Finland
Died: 9/2/2015, Salo, Finland

Simo Salminen’s westerns – actor:
Speedy Gonzales – 1970 (Slowest Gun in the East)
The Unhanged – 1971 (Tonto)

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