Wednesday, October 7, 2015

RIP Carmen Marina Torres

Actress Carmen Marina Torres has died

El Colombiano
October 6, 2015

Colombian actress, Carmen Marina Torres, remembered for his roles in novels such as In foreign body, Maria Bonita, Ravens, The storm, fox, Clone and Umaña Where the hell is?  He died Tuesday as reported by their colleagues in social networks.

  Torres ended last August what would be his last project, the new version of Sugar that is soon to be released.

 Born actress Charco, Nariño with over 36 years of experience has received only words of love from their peers who fired her on Twitter.

TORRES, Carmen Maria (Charco Nariño)
Born: 10/8/1956, El Charco, Colombia
Died: 10/6/2015, Colombia

Carmen Maria Torres’ western – actress:
Zorro: La Espada  y La Rosa (TV) – 2007 (Dolores)

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