Friday, October 23, 2015

RIP Yilmaz Köksal

Yilmaz Köksal has closed his eyes to life!

Yilmaz Köksal lost his life. Yeşilçam'ın Yilmaz Köksal one of the Turkish cinema legends is mourned by his many fans


Yilmaz Köksal one the most famous names of Turkish cinema, died in the hospital for treatment of cancer.

Director Nazif Bronze, AA said in a statement to reporters, expressed Köksal died around 22:00 in the evening, the news received from famous actor’s son.

Yilmaz noted that one of the most recent works of director Köksal Bronze, I shot a movie called "Dream Pursuit. In the past year, Köksal was in physical distress caused by making a very dangerous stunt. He’s been in the hospital for the last year. He was lively and playful watching films, our laughter will turn to tears now, "he said.

Nazif Tunc, 76 year-old artist a week transferring is in intensive care, "a unique player for us, loyal friend, was one who likes to do good deeds and will not be forgotten by the people. The Turkish nation, give thanks to the head of the family of Turkish cinema," he said.

Who was Yilmaz Köksal?

Yilmaz Köksal has long struggled with cancer, a Turkish theater and film actor was. He was born on July 15 in 1939 in Kirsehir. Finishing elementary school, he attended in Arsenal Osmaniye Istanbul at the Art Institute. He traveled around Europe for a while, working on ships.

Tunc Basaran cinema adaptation, Orhan Kemal "Morteza" at work "Dubara" and passed into cinema history by playing the role.

After playing for a long time secondary roles Yilmaz Köksal 1970 directed by Cetin Faith's "Ceko" began his leading roles in the film. With the success of the film he won the admiration of the people, he became one of the most popular actors in the history of adventure films and cinema.

Mehmet Arslan's screenplay was written by and starring Canan and share it with Perver "Aybiç Kurt Girl", since that period is between Turkey AmAsInIn ürettigi rare cult films. (Turkish nomad barbarians in the treacherous attack in the movie, they kill everybody).

Yilmaz Köksal Aybiç Turkish hero of the "wolf girl" swear to avenge the massacre.) He had appeared in 182 films from 1965 until 2005 and also wrote several screenplays. Cinema and movies with the proliferation of private television series continued his acting career.

Struggling because of the cancer, he died on Thursday October 22, 2015. Yilmaz Koksal was 76 years old.

KOKSAL, Yilmaz
Born: 7/15/1939, Adana, Turkey
Died: 10/22/2015, Istanbul, Turkey

Yilmaz Köksal’s westerns – actor:
Kader bagi – 1967
Cango – korkusuz  adam – 1967
Maskeli besler – 1968 (Seytan)
Maskelli  beslerin donusu – 1968
Çeko – 1970 (Çeko)
Zagor – 1970
Cilginlar ordusu - 1971
Vahsetin esirleri - 1971
Daglin oglu – 1972
Kan ve kin – 1972
Dag kurdu – 1973
Yahsi Bati – The Ottoman Cowboys – 2009 (Sheriff Çeko)

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