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RIP Yoná Magalhães

Yoná Magalhães actress dies at age 80


The actress Yoná Magalhães died at 10:05 am on Tuesday (20) in the Nursing Home San Jose, in the south of Rio de Janeiro.  According to the institution, Yona was admitted to the cardiology emergency room on September 18th and underwent surgery to correct heart failure.  After the procedure, she was admitted to the ICU, but postoperative complications resulted in her death.

She leaves her son Marcos Mendes, from her marriage to producer Luis Augusto Mendes.  The funeral of the actress is scheduled for the morning of Wednesday, in the Carmo Memorial.  The cremation ceremony will be at 13:30 at the same location.

Yona was the first girl in soap operas of TV Globo. She participated in dozens of novelas, the Globo, Bandeirantes and in Tupi, in addition to films like "Black God, White Devil" (1964), Glauber Rocha.

In an interview to UOL in 2014, 50 years after the release of "God and the Devil," Yona Magalhães said that her then husband, Luiz Augusto, was the one who convinced Glauber to give her for the role of Rosa, a suffering character that provided one of the most important performances of her career.

 "I believe that Glauber had another actress in mind, but found himself taken to accept me, stroking over his ability as a director than my talent and he was right. It created Rosa and could cause a budding actress, although have to be professional, to conduct a great performance, "said the actress.

Yona was part of the cast of the soap opera "Tropical Paradise", "Senhora do Destino", "The Daughters of the Mother", "The Next Victim," "My Well, my Evil", "Tieta" and "Roque Santeiro" and series "Tapas & Kisses", "Heavy Load", "Engraçadinha" and "the devil to pay in the backlands."  Her last work was on TV in "Good Blood" in 2013.

Artists who lived and worked with Yona mourned her death.  "I'm very sad, I think it is a tremendous loss because besides being an exceptional actress, she was a pioneer. Unfortunately now we have lost the great Yona Magalhães. All Yona touched, everything was exceptional, it's terrible, one exceptional person, loyal friend, generous, very dedicated, always there, always willing to help, "said Juca de Oliveira to GloboNews.

 Novels and "Playboy"

Born in Lins de Vasconcelos, on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, on August 7, 1935, Yoná Magalhães Gonçalves joined the artistic life by chance, to help the family when her father became unemployed.

After small roles in the 1950s, she got a contract with Radio Tupi.  Then participated in soap operas and the Grand Theatre of TV Tupi, in addition to touring the country with the plays "Love is Pink Candy" and "Society in Baby-Doll" in 1962.

Hired in 1965 by TV Globo, Yona was among the first cast of the station, carrying the novel "I Buy This Woman" (1966), Gloria Magadan as romantic pair Carlos Alberto.  "She also worked in other novelas by the same author as" The Sheik of Agadir "," The Shadow of Rebecca, "" The Forbidden Man "," The Cat of Mink "and" The Bridge of Sighs ".

In 1971, Yona and Carlos Alberto moved to Tupi, where she acted in "Simply Maria" by Walter Avancini.  Back to Globe the following year, she made "A Rose With Love," "The Demigod", "Magic Mirror" and "Warning Sign".  In São Paulo, in the 1980s, she made "Pale Horse", "The Immigrant," "Toffee Apple" in Bandeirantes and returned to Globe to live americanófila Maria delle Grazie in "Love is repaid with love" in 1984.

In an interview with Channel Live in 2013 (see video below), Yona remembered her career moments and a curiosity about "A Rose With Love," in which she disputed with Marilia Pera for the attention of Paul Goulart: "Daniel Son was teasing me. At the time of 'A Rose with Love', he said he wanted me blonde, asked to continue brunette, but he refused, saying,... the Naira is blonde, blonde I had to do and saw the pictures today think beautiful Daniel had a tenth of reason, had to paint to become more beautiful, "said Yona.

In 1985, she joined the cast of one of the novels most successful in the history of TV Globo, "Roque Santeiro" by Dias Gomes and Aguinaldo Silva, as Matiles, the owner of the club where they worked the Ninon dancers (Claudia Raia) and Rosaly (Oliveira de Isis).  The success of character earned an invitation to grace the cover of "Playboy" at age 50.

In the 1990s, she made four novels Walther Negrao: "Stag Night", "Angel of Me," "Once Upon a Time ..." and "Vila Madalena".  In "Senhora do Destino", 2004, played Flavian, mother of Giovanni unforgettable Improtta, played by José Wilker.  Then came yet "Tropical Paradise", "China Business," "Cat's Cradle" and "Good Blood".

MAGALHAES, Yoná (Yoná Magalhães Gonçalves)
Born: 8/7/1935, Lins de Vasconcelos, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Died: 10/20/2015, San Jose, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Yoná Magalhães’ western – actress:
Black God, White Devil – 1964 (Rosa)

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