Saturday, November 14, 2015

RIP Beruga Carambula

Berugo Carámbula humorist has died

The artist died at age 70 after a long fight against Parkinson's disease

La Nacion
November 14, 2015

The entertainment industry has received a blow today the actor, conductor, comedian and musician Berugo Carámbula died at the age of 70 at his home in Buenos Aires neighborhood of Belgrano, after a battle with Parkinson's disease - disease that was diagnosed in 2004 – who kept it from the media.  Carámbula, who was born on October 31, 1945 in Las Piedras, Uruguay, was a true one man band, who began his career in the 60s with the legendary jazz band Crazy Clown Jazz Band and later with the Telecataplúm television program, where he began to display his remarkable skills as a humorist.

Among the most important steps in his career - one that spanned both television and music in cinema and theater - is his Solo de guitarra  (released in 1976), the Comicolor, Híperhumor, Jugar por jugar, Atrévase a soñar, Alcoyana, Alcoyana y Amo a Berugo (in the first place an iconic imitation of Les Miserables), explosive movies Brigada explosiva  (1986) and Los bañeros más locos del mundo (1987) and Duro de parar (1996) and Con un clavo en el zapato (2005).

His last participation was in the television comedy Pol-ka Son amores from 2002 to 2003. In 2004 he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, so he gradually stayed away from the media, although occasionally he would give interviews.  His latest stage work, moreover, was the work with Con Berugo en grupo, in 2008, before retreating to the affection of his family.

One of his daughters, Maria, in May last year had brought peace to the followers of Berugo, after a brief stay told that her father suffered from the disease.

Berugo Carámbula was awarded in 1988 with the Martin Fierro as the best TV host and in one of his last interviews was granted to Chiche Gelblung, which claimed the mood always saved his when coping with the details of his illness.  "I have a sense of humor with which I cannot deal with. Faced with a tragedy or a drama, the first thing I see is the funny part," he had and despite evidence that his life was being put forward, still bet hard on dreams, "Because dreams are dreams ... but here they come true".

CARAMBULA, Beruga (Heber Hugo Carambula)
Born: 10/31/1945, Las Piedras, Canelones, Uruguay
Died: 11/14/2015, Belgrano, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Beruga Carambula’s western – actor:
Los irrompibles – 1975 (rider in white – guardian angel)

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