Monday, November 16, 2015

RIP Nando Gazzolo

Farewell to Nando Gazzolo, the entry "British" of Italian events

He’s died at the age of 87 years in Nepi, an actor known to the public for his "Carousels" but also to have dubbed the greatest movies.

Corriere Della Sera
November 16, 2015

Who can forget that voice.  Elegant, it sets even if it did not seem terribly seductive, whether he was committed to read the Divine Comedy, in the recitation of a carousel or in the dubbing of a spaghetti western with Clint Eastwood of Gian Maria Volonte.  The voice was that of Nando Gazzolo, the great protagonist of the Italian stage.  Who’s died at age 87.  This was announced by the family.  He was hospitalized for a week at a clinic in Nepi.  Hard to say if Gazzolo was more good on the theater stage, on the movie set or in a dubbing room. He was long the famous face and voice of Rai.  As for the first, also because of those commercials - were the Carousels of the sixties and seventies - that thanks to him became wise incredible drama: readings of literary classics after which Gazzolo, an imposing figure, elegant, resembling another great British actor, Michael Caine (who had also repeatedly voiced) took leave soberly, very British style, sipping that glass of bitters that he advertised.  As for the face, they do not count his interpretations: the Sherlock Holmes Rai British so as to receive the compliments of the BBC, then the Buddenbrooks.  But also many dramas, thrillers and giallos.

Largest of the Voice actors

And then the dubbing theater.  On film his voice was unmistakable. Often better than some actors who he was dubbing.  Gian Maria Will unforgettable, hallucinatory and crazy, in "A Fistful of Dollars" and "A Few Dollars More." Imagine that voice in those films of Leone, with Eastwood in turn voiced by Enrico Maria Salerno ... But there was no great movie that Gazzolo has dubbed, between drama and humor, both timbres of his most obvious quality artist: Lawrence Olivier, David Niven, Henry Fonda, Yul Brynner, Warren Beatty.  On the stage was Goldoni, Shakespeare, Pirandello, the Greek classics.  Maybe directed by Dario Fo, Orazio Costa, Gabriele Lavia, Giorgio Albertazzi.  On the radio, highly appreciated those readings, in recent times, of poets like D'Annunzio, García Lorca, Leopardi, Neruda, Montale, Pascoli, Pasolini, Quasimodo, Saba, Ungaretti.

GAZZOLO, Nando (Ferdinando Gazzolo)
Born: 10/16/1928, Savona, Liguria, Italy
Died: 11/15/2015, Nepi, Viterbo, Italy

Nando Gazzolo’s western – actor, voice actor:
Gunfight at Red Sands – 1963 [Italian voice of narrator]
Fistful of Dollars – 1964 [Italian voice of Johnny Wels]
West and Soda – 1964 [Italian voice of Johnny]
Adios Gringo – 1965 [Italian voice of Ugo Sasso]
Django – 1965 [Italian voice of Franco Nero]
For a Few Dollars More – 1965 [Italian voice of Gian Maria Volonte]
Django Shoots First - 1966 (Ken Kluster/Custer)
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - 1966 [Italian voice of Luigi Pistilli]
The Hills Run Red - 1966 (Ken Seagall/Ken Milton)
7 Dollars to Kill – 1966 [Italian voice of Anthony Steffen]
7 Guns for the MacGregors – 1966 [Italian voice of Leo Anchoriz]
A Taste of Killing – 1966 [Italian voice of George Martin]
The Tramplers – 1966 [Italian voice of James Mitchum]
Don’t Sing, Shoot (TV) – 1967 (Roy Thomas)
The Two Faces of the Dollar – 1967 [Italian voice of Gerard Herter]
Viva Django! – 1967 [Italian voice of Horst Frank]
Once Upon a Time in the West – 1968 [Italian voice of Henry Fonda]
The Price of Power – 1969 [Italian voice of Benito Stefanelli]
The Stranger’s Gundown – 1969 [Italian voice of Paolo Gozlino]
Guns for Dollars - 1971 [Italian voice of Andrea Bosic]
God in Heaven, Arizona on Earth - 1972 [Italian voice of Frank Braña]
My Name is Nobody – 1972 [Italian voice of Henry Fonda]
The Genius - 1975 [Italian voice of Patrick McGoohan]

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